Friday, March 5, 2021

TAT ભરતી સોગંદનામુ -જે શિક્ષક સિવાય કોઈ વિભાગમાં નોકરી કરે છે એના માટે સોગંદનામાનો નમૂનો | 2021

 The wife gave instructions to the husband who returned from the office which started after unlocking. I sanitized everything from my husband's laptop bag, wallet, key, watch to the ground. At the same time, he said that Nahin should throw the clothes directly in the washing machine. Such incidents happen in many homes nowadays. If you look at it this way, you have to be so careful in the present t

ime of Carona. However, such issues have become a source of contention. Husband says, I also know that you should take a bath immediately after doing this from outside, but you should not be so dominant. I do everything but you get on your head. Even when I am going to work, I keep giving daily instructions that, if I am, stay away from everything. Not taking off the mask. Keep hand sanitizing. Talk from a distance. Not using the elevator. Judge by climbing the stairs. Not all dining together. There is nothing wrong with that, but the way it is said and done is wrong.

Corona worsens people's mental state. The condition of some people, especially women, has become such that when someone says something to her, tears start flowing from her eyes. Men do not cry but they feel sad. Everyone is worried about their family members, but they are so frustrated that sometimes they don't even realize what they are doing. Coronaphobia has taken over people's minds. Psychiatrists around the world are worried that people's brains will often come to rest. More coronaphobia than coronavirus has taken people into its grip.

સોગંદનામું નમૂનો ડાઉનલોડ 

Coronaphobia is increasing day by day. This is because Corona is confusing the whole world. Every day new things come out. Scientists' claims that corona is spread through the air have created panic. In addition, the World Health Organization says that corona is not spread by air. The truth is, no one really understands what Corona's ultimate truth is. The cowardice created by Corona has put mankind in trouble. The only question that bothers everyone is, when will Corona get rid of it? When will everything be back to normal? When will the school college start? When to go for a walk? Many countries, including the United States and Europe, have started using the Corona. Those people are playing dangerous games. If we open up a little to save the economy, then all the profits have started to do so. Speaking of our country, after unlocking, many people have started taking Corona lightly. The slightest mistake can get anyone into the corona's paw. The only thing about Corona in the end is that nothing can happen until a vaccine is found.

One thing that has been happening with Unlocking is that one has to live by acknowledging the existence of Corona, but it is true that the growing number of cases and the different stories that come every day make people's mental condition worse. People are beginning to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Frequent hand washing. Excessive attention has been paid to cleanliness. It is okay for such people to do everything themselves but they have started insisting on others to do the same. This has led to quarrels. Here, people who were already suffering from OCD keep on rubbing all day long.

The world's psychiatrists say, be careful but do not be your own enemy. Have some pity on yourself too. Don’t overthinking about Corona. Don't be afraid that I will get corona. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. This is for people who suffer from coronaphobia and have suffered from OCD. After the unlocking, now the housekeepers are also coming, people were tired of doing the housework during the lockdown. There have also been incidents of quarrels at home over household chores. You don't help with the work, I have to do everything alone? There are still headaches about that. Workers are coming now but people are also afraid that they will not bring corona from anywhere. There is no denying it, in the end the only solution is to be as careful as possible. With all that, it is no less important to take care of your mental health. Keep checking that somewhere you are not abusing yourself and your people?

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