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ફોજદારી અધિનિયમ વન લાઈનર પ્રશ્નો | Fojdari Adhiniyam Question PDF


Are you right If someone asked you such a question, what would you answer? Almost everyone will answer yes to this question. Yes i am right Now another question. Does anyone ask you if you are lying?

 Lay your hands on your heart and say, What is the answer to this question? No man can say with a sigh that I am lying. He will think twice before answering. Thinking, he will say, sometimes I am lying. Some people may even say that I am wrong when someone is doing well. The man also says that I lied so that it would not get worse. We have a thousand excuses to lie. No excuses are needed to tell the truth. When we speak the truth, we do not think about why we speak the truth! That is the truth. That's the fun part.

It's hard to tell the truth. If it weren't difficult, everyone would be right. Why is it difficult to speak the truth? That is because the price of truth has to be paid. Have to face the truth. The truth has to be endured. People who can't face the truth lie. Man thinks of the result before saying anything. What will happen if I tell the truth? What will be the result if I tell the wrong? Reva Dene, we don't fall into this, it will take a long time to tell the truth, why should I be half-hearted, a man who thinks all this is lying. How often do we lie to get rid of the chase?

Why does a man speak wrong? Everyone knows that lying is bad. Should not lie. Sometimes a man does not get the environment to speak the truth, so the man speaks the wrong. It's about a couple. The husband was privately helping his family. The wife found out. Wife said you lied in my mouth? The husband said yes, I was wrong. Do you think i'm wrong I was right before. You argued whenever I talked about helping my family member. You have to think of all your own? 

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What about us Doing nothing for our children? Looting everything? Not being able to think of any of us? You don't let me do what I have to do so I had to resort to lies. How many couples are lying to each other? It's about a friend. When there was a drinking party, he would tell his wife that we had a meeting today. It will be late. You lie on the ground. Going home at night, he falls asleep quietly. Even the wife knows where her husband goes and what he does, but this lie continues! The wife blows a whistle in Joe's ear, helping her family to find out. The husband keeps giving something private to the mother or siblings. No one knows.

Friends know how to hide all our secrets. A friend said, "I'm lying to my wife." I do not like I get gilt. After talking to him, he said to his wife one day, "Do you want me to do what I want to do by telling a lie or to do what I want to do by telling you the truth?" Choice is yours. The wife said that she liked the way you talked. You have to do what you have to do. Let me tell you the truth. I expect you to listen to me too. I will support you in your decision. However, this does not happen in every case. The quarrel starts from the talk and then the series of lies starts.

Where there is no truth, there is falsehood. How much do we manage by saying that? Trouble occurs when a person gets into the habit of lying. It's about a man. He would lie about everything. Once he spoke the truth, but no one was willing to believe it. He told everyone to trust me, I was right. Understand that lies have taken over when the truth is not effective. Even swearing does not make a lie true. Many people say I swear, believe me. He does not have to swear to be a true man!

Mobile has also made a man lie. In conversation we say I'm in a meeting, I'm busy. Once while traveling in a train, a man said on the phone that I was in a meeting. Phone address. A child was sitting in the side seat. He said, "Uncle, let me tell you something. You would have been right. What would have happened if you were on the train?" The man is staring at the baby. He put his hand on the child's head and said that you are right. If I had told the truth, nothing would have happened. I promise you I will never lie again like this.

When we lie, do we ever think that what would have happened if I had spoken the truth instead of lying? Nothing happens! On the contrary, the man thinks that what he is saying is true. How is your impression We are the ones who say about many people that no matter what, they will not lie. He will tell you what will happen. We also call such people outspoken. It is more important to be truthful than outspoken. When we speak the truth, at that moment, the same person may be hurt a little, but in addition, it will happen to him that if he speaks the truth. It is more important to be truthful than to be good by speaking falsely.

Many also say to be 'diplomatic' to tell the truth. Asked to give an opinion on how a program has been in a company. A senior said everything clearly and truthfully. His colleague said that many people were hurt by your words. You climbed us. You are not wrong but this is more if you had done it diplomatically

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