Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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 No event occurs. Badly labeled my monster on this kind of event. Evaluate each event. Any bad event is also considered good in the future. The event is not hot if the event is not hot. There is no such thing as an event. Directly there are advantages-problems, small incidents are the basis of all these things.

Go on a young bike. Hurried to go. Bike puncture challenge. Food mood worsened. No one no need to walk anywhere. Anne ane ane ane ....A young man with a punctured puncture is a young woman with a puncture. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! Navaran never happens. Hurry if there is an obstacle. Performs puncture incredibly. Telling all the stories in the puncture, thank God the puncture. The young man said, is it like to say thank you? The puncturer said, believe the condition of the tire that is happening, the tire is torn hot! You say, what made you hot at speed and tire torn hot? Suddenly the bike fangorated and the exhaust window! This was just a puncture! You survived!

How is the mindset too? It should be less to know if a worse condition has been determined, but humans are badly affected! It's about another girl. Get on the bike. Sleep came. Step by step. Swollen. Happiness pinned. It shows, fractures feel. Fifteen day pit. Tasted. Doctor X-ray. That said, no fractures! June and Hash! Thank God, no fractures! Are they happening events that will be comparable to more occasions? Not only that! Again, the occasion of events if they are not the same! There is life. Events are going to happen. There is a good and a bad.

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A girl saint number yesterday. I asked the saint, Sari and Narsi are happening in life, will you be careful? The saint said, which seems to be the occasion and makes the event malicious! Stretch good events. Shrink bad event. There will be some time. Try some more fun Lester. Don't let the hour of happiness and joy come into contact. what's that? Sir, the worst case scenario needs to be reversed. The tragedy is not down to the brain. what are you doing?

E we e ........... don't even store anything. A young philosopher came into view. The paper said to the philosopher, Pray in certain matters! The philosopher asked, why? The youth said, there is no issue move in life. At one point, there is another problem. Dad's busy schedule has deteriorated. I came ....... punishment happens. All reports made. We have fears. Joy, all reports normal. That's all there is to it. Philosopher laughs! Asked the young man, why Hoso? Philosopher Inquiry Does all Dad's reports come back normal? Said the young man. Yes, quite normal. The philosopher said, nothing bad happened when the Anoi Club came! Now the bad name count? Dad, you are considered a problem, the report is not normal, not the Mars scriptures! No one is very good in life, no one believes in beauty. Even if one understands that no event happens, many times happiness does not cause sorrow!

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