Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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 Life goes on with the pattern of the past. Man cannot forget everything. There are some events in life that we do not even want to forget. We are the ones who often say that this day, this event or this thing I will never forget in my life.

We are building a bundle of memories. The ark of remembrance is with us. Sometimes we open these boxes with our own hands. Sometimes the events of Patara come to our notice. There are also some events that we never want to remember. Where is it also forgotten? Where do the scenes go when you close your eyes? It just keeps creeping inside the closed eyes.Even good memories do not necessarily bring happiness. Sometimes it is regrettable after a beautiful dream has come true. When you have a good dream and someone wakes you up, it happens that where did you wake up? What a wonderful dream! If even a dream seems difficult when it remains unfulfilled, then why not give pain after a dream-like time has passed? What nice days Everything looked beautiful. When no hand, no companionship, no journey, no success, no closeness is left, an unknown emptiness is created.

After the monsoon, it gets a little wet. The flower does not give off its fragrance immediately after it is born. Even after the flowing river dries up, a few puddles remain. Even in our life, after some hands are released, the wetness of that hand continues to be felt in our hands. Where does everything end in one fell swoop? Takes time! A girl had a breakup. It was disturbing. "Forget what happened," said his friend. The girl said, "Yes, I will forget, but this is not a veil that I should take off." The dampness inside will take a while to dry. The moisture inside dries us out a bit when it dries.

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To live a happy life, it is said not to look back too much. Views, however. The mind is tempted. How can the mind believe? What has passed is also beautiful. There is also a slight chill when looking back. Even after drying, some wetness gets swollen in the eyes. This is the story of a boy. 

The relationship with the girlfriend ended. It was hard to forget. There were a few letters. There were some things. It refreshed everything. It happened to him that if I burn these letters, it becomes hash. One letter after another was burning. He took the ashes of the burnt letters in his hand. It occurred to me to put this ashes on my face and remove the burden on my face! Couldn't do that. The ashes were rubbed in the hands and washed in the basin. The ashes flowed. It just so happened that everything flowed. However, then he realized that the written words flowed, but where did the words that were read or spoken go? It just keeps echoing. Some places make all the dialogue come alive. Some of the touches are gone forever.

There is a time in life when our eyes are full of sixteen arts. Everything seems to have gotten better in life. However, it does not last forever. Not every moment of life is lived. Sometimes even dies. Man survives by defeating a dead piece of time. The years of that time also keep coming. A young man changed jobs. The new place was good. Thus there was no issue. Just, there was a friend who was not forgotten. 

Worked together. It was just a friend. There was nothing else. Eating together at lunch hours. Than talking. The breakup was also very loving. I used to remember her words while eating. Eating sometimes becomes tasteless. Even in the new company, there were other clichs in the meal, they were all good, but that friend was nothing.

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