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Kidney is a highly specialized organ. It takes about thirty different types of cells in its composition. It is a very complex filter of extremely thin tubes that cleans water, sodium, potassium and countless such substances from our blood and excretes them through urine. This filter is amazing in that the kidneys that come down the tube from here also pull the kidneys back into the blood as needed, and there are so many thin filtration tubes.
From one to two and a half lakhs, nephrons or ducts remain in the kidneys. Every minute about one liter of blood flows from them so that the kidneys can clean this blood.
About one and a half thousand liters of blood is cleaned in a day. And kidneys do not just do this work, but it is a side of its work, about which little is known to the common people, but do you know that a very big role of kidney is protein, carbohydrate (sugar etc.) and fat (fat) ) Is also involved in metabolism (digestion / catabolism). Therefore, symptoms of malnutrition can occur if the kidney is defective.

The kidneys also have a very important role under the influence of hormones. A substance called erythropoietin produced in the kidney stimulates the blood-forming bone marrow (you can call the bone marrow-making factory in the blood) to make blood. If it is not there, the blood in the body stops or decreases. Doctors themselves will not be familiar with many things in these. Or did they ever read, but now do not remember. As a result, many doctors do not even pay attention to the important fact that a kidney failure patient can come up in many ways other than urination complaints or inflammation.

The question is when should we be cautious and get a kidney test done, what are the symptoms that can point to kidney failure? In the following situations, there is a possibility of kidney disease or chronic kidney failure.1. If the body starts swelling. In particular, this swelling is starting from the face. Do not ignore even mild swelling under the eyes. If you are on the feet and not on the face or on both the face and the feet, then immediately meet the doctor and express your doubts. Especially if you are already a patient of diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate etc. or you are getting sixty-seventy years of age, then check for swelling as soon as possible.
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2. If there is no swelling then the possibility of kidney disease is eliminated? Absence of inflammation is not a guarantee. The kidney also has many other roles. So they can also have problems. The most important of these is the formation of blood. If you have symptoms of anemia (hemolytic anemia), hemoglobin in the test is also low, so be cautious. In particular, if after complete treatment, it is possible to return to anemia again. In such a situation, a kidney test is required. There are so many patients who come saying 'I feel a great weakness, Doctor sir, I gasp when I work hard'. And when the doctor examines them and tells them that all this is happening due to the failure of your kidney, then the patient does not believe.

3. If the appetite is over, weight is falling, and you are very tired, then it can also be due to kidney failure.
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