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MS office Powerpoint Shortcut keys list | in PDF

 You can also view it by opening MS PowerPoint on your computer. If you do not know how to open it, you can learn how to open it with the tutorial 'How to Open MS PowerPoint'. This tutorial explains how to open MS PowerPoint.

The full name of MS Powerpoint is Microsoft PowerPoint which we also know as Powerpoint. This is a very powerful presentation creation program that works to create, edit, format, share and present our data (Text, Audio) as a slide.Have you ever tried to find out which software is used during all the data that is saved in the computer and explained by the presentation?The MS PowerPoint window is divided into several sections. Which are shown in the figure above with the name through a line. Let's take a look at each part of the MS PowerPoint window in order.

1. Office Button

The Office Button is a key component of MS PowerPoint. This button is in the Menu Bar. This button has several options for files or slides created in MS PowerPoint.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a special part of MS PowerPoint. This toolbar is in the Title Bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most useful commands are added to this toolbar and they are added to it. With the help of Quick Access Toolbar, work in MS PowerPoint can be done with a little speed.

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3. Title Bar

The title bar is at the top of the MS PowerPoint window. This time the name of the file created in MS PowerPoint is shown. Until the file is saved, the name of the file is not shown and it says “Presentation1”.

There are three buttons in the right corner of the title bar. The first of these three buttons is “Minimize” which when clicked brings you to the Open Program Task Bar. The second button is "Maximize or Restore down". This button works to increase or decrease the width of the window. And the third button is "Close button", which acts to close the program.

4. Ribbon

The ribbon is another part of the MS PowerPoint window. It is below the Menu Bar. The ribbon is the red part of the MS PowerPoint window shown in this text. This section shows the options of MS PowerPoint tabs (which are in the options menu bar).

5. Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is below the title bar in MS PowerPoint. It can also be called Tab Bar as it is now called Tab. The menu bar has many options and each has its own ribbon.

6. Status Bar

The status bar is just below the text area in MS PowerPoint. This bar has a tool called "Zoom Level", with the help of which PowerPoint Slides can be zoomed in and out. In addition there are many tools in this bar such as; language, themes, slide numbers, etc.

7. Text Area

Text Area is the most important part of MS PowerPoint. And it's the largest and middle part of the MS PowerPoint window. In MS PowerPoint it is called Slides. This is where the Presentation Text is written.

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