Thursday, May 13, 2021

granted Higher secondary bharti News Update

 Need a little education to be great, famous or rich? Which college did Dhirubhai Ambani go to? Nirmavala Karashanbhai is also very educated! Speaking of Gautam Adani, where did he graduate from, he does business worth billions!

Less educated people set up big companies and then hire people who have topped management colleges. People who do not pass the stage of education also keep the status that, I was born a genius but education ruin me! Every man has enough arguments to prove his point. The arguments are so strong that even if we are shocked, it will happen that this year is true!

PV Indus won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. Along with Sindhu, his coach Pullela Gopichand was also looked down upon by the people. No doubt, it deserves both. Credit also goes to Gopichand for Indus success. This Guru Gopi just said that I am lucky that I was not very smart in teaching, if I had, I would not have reached this stage! 

This has made people who are not educated happy. One thing is for sure, not studying and not being able to study is the difference between an elephant and a horse. Parents give you all the opportunities to study by doing black labor and if you don't study it means that you don't have the gift to study. It is a different matter that you cannot study because of bad circumstances.Pullela Gopichand and her brother took the IIT entrance exam. Gopichand's brother passed and started studying. Studying and getting a job. Gopichand failed.

 He knew nothing but badminton. He played and then built an academy to prepare players. Gave the country a promising player like Shaina and Sindhu. His brother played badminton better than Gopichand. Do you think that if Gopichand's brother had not gone ahead in the study and paid attention in the game, he too could have gone ahead like Bhai Pullela? 

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Not necessary at all. Gopichand worked day and night to build the academy. Mortgaged the house to match the rupee. Could his brother have done such a thing? Even if he had done it, could he have given the best coaching and prepared players like Sindhu and Shaina? It takes courage to take risks, and not everyone has the courage to do so. Saif game players can never hit a six. So the logic of learning should not be associated with it.

You see the lives of great people, read their autobiographies, if they could not study, he regretted it. Not only that, there are many instances where he has started an education institute so that other people do not have the same condition as him. George Bernard Shaw could not even finish school. After the name was established, he founded the London School of Economics. Even though Karashanbhai Patel himself is not very educated, his Nirma University is noted in the field of education. Many educational institutions are also run in the name of Ambani and Adani.

There are many who are not educated but have made a name for themselves and achieved greatness, although their number is very small. The number of people who have not lived anywhere due to non-education is very large. Would you say that Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Brosnan, Steven Spielberg are more educated? Cricketer and Bharat Ratna Sachin, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, heroines Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, great singer Lata Mangeshkar are great even though they are less educated, aren't they? Yes, there is. But there are exceptions in each. These and other names like this are exceptions but exceptions can never be the rule.

One of our problems is that we ask for a degree and a job. Isn't the hard work that Sindhu did to win an Olympic medal a study? That is the study. It is important to find the talent in our children and encourage them to come forward in that field. We have left the children in the ring by making race horses and taking whips and falling behind the horses. We push him so hard to get the number that he runs out of breath. If your child is not good at learning, let him know what he enjoys and let him move on.

Study and employment have made many people unable to pursue their hobbies and advance in the field in which they want to advance, but education cannot be held responsible for that. Anyone who wants to do something has to go their own way. There must be a passion for success in the end, no excuses

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