Thursday, May 27, 2021

School Allocation Letter | Higher Secondary Grant-In-Aid 2021

One more Diwali will be added to your life. When advising a child, we are saying that I have seen more Diwali than you. It is one thing to watch Diwali and quite another to grow with Diwali. Every moment adds time to our lives. Every moment we change a little bit. How much do we nail over time? Many times we can't
nail it because we are in constant fear of fainting. Fear of failure. Without reason we keep blabbering on. All around us we create virtual horror scenes and tremble. This Diwali let us decide what not to fear.You have nothing to lose but fear. If there is anything uncomfortable these days, it is lightness. There are layers of sadness, tension and stress on the faces. 

Smiling faces are now rare. Who do you see smiling except the kids? We don't even let the children laugh out loud. What does this do? Are you serious We advise our children to be serious. If you want to become something, you have to work hard, forget everything and just go to the market, the world is of competition. If you stumble a little, all will go beyond you and you will not stay anywhere! 

શાળા ફાળવણી પત્ર ડાઉનલોડ લિંક

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We never say that you should be so relaxed, relaxed, think so well, don't let your laughter fade. No, we make it serious. We have created the false and deceptive impression that being serious is the same as being sincere.When was the last time you laughed out loud? Reading a joke on a mobile or watching a clip, we are left alone. The sound of laughter is no longer heard. The house is now silent. This silence gradually becomes silent. Not only is life heavy, we make it heavy and then push it down. The time is coming when man has to cultivate the habit of relaxation.

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There are festivals that are good. Were it not for the festivals, we would probably be more 'alone' than we are today. Festivals bring us closer to each other, closer to ourselves. In the virtual world there are pictures in front of us but the faces are far away. Technology is good, as long as it is used fairly and practically. All we need to remember is that we are not machines, we are human, we have suffering, we have empathy, we have relationships and we have affection. Our behavior is not 'emoji'.

Nowadays we burst and stick the smiley, sad, kiss or hug with the emoji message. Do your lips ever rub while putting on a smiley emoji? Do the corners of your eyes get a little wet when you put the sad symbol? Do you have any respect when putting up a hand-drawn picture? Virtual hugs also carry new loads of heat? No. When a person older than us puts his hand on our head, our whole personality becomes fragrant. The excesses of the virtual world are slowly taking us away from the people, even from us. Do we have time for others or for ourselves? Those who have a little too much time eat the mobile.

We keep believing that we are all in touch with mobile but in a way that we don't know, we are moving away from the people who live, work or work with us. Husband and wife are sitting together on a sofa but both are busy in their respective mobiles. In the hotel, friends are face to face but do not even look at each other. Laughs only when taking selfies or photos. All you have to do is keep your mobile away for a long time when you are with your most personal person, your wife, your husband, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. Just think that this person is more important to me than mobile. Messages on WhatsApp or Facebook can be answered later but the time with this person may not come back! Don't give so much importance to those who are far away that they forget to be near!

This is the story of a friend. Her house has a shoe rack. Made a mobile rack with it. The first thing he does when he comes home is to take off his shoes and put the mobile in the stand. All tones are silent except the phone ring. His business has also said that if there is an emergency, call me except during office hours. Nothing hangs. The world was moving even when there were no phones. "It's not that I don't use social media, but I'm online all day," he says. I answer all. Not ignoring anyone, but at my time and at my convenience. All are important to me but first and foremost are my family and people close to me. I don't understand the tendency to keep the mobile in hand constantly. I don't hold a mobile phone in my hand when I talk to someone. Now what happens, even when a man is talking, his attention is on the mobile.

Quality time needs to be redefined. Give your people quality time i.e. time without mobile or laptop and yes, save some of your time for you too. Do as little as you like. Judge a little closer to yourself, try to identify yourself a little. Take a closer look at life, there is so much to live for, we have forgotten it, we have lost our way. Happy Diwali that brings us a little closer to Sahu

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