Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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 Think twice what would happen if it weren't for Sunday? If someone says such a thing, it makes sense to say, brother, why should such a bad thought be made? We can't even imagine that if it weren't for Brother Sunday,

there would be another holiday. In Muslim countries, Jumme or Din is a holiday only on Friday! If we look at it this way, the days are all the same, the morning falls just like every day and the clock is moving at the same speed, yet each time has its own identity. Sunday's name means Ahaha આ What a cool day! Getting up when we feel like it and then all day is ours. This is the day we have been waiting for.The famous shire Nida Fazli has written, Saton din bhagwan ke kya mangal kya pir, jis din soye der tak, bhukha rahe fakir. Although this is about fakirs, we are not fakirs. 

There are those of us who think that if we did not get a holiday, we would become fakirs! For one thing, you will agree that the seven times are not the same. When Saturday comes, Ronak appears on the face of a man. The joy of having a holiday tomorrow is unconventional. Saturday night is the most happening.However many also object to Sunday. If there is any extra work for the whole week, it is kept pending saying that we should do it on Sunday. The result is that Sunday is jam-packed. When night falls, instead of relaxing, we are exhausted. 

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For working ladies, if a working lady or Ramo takes a holiday on Sunday, it is said that these people do not feel any pity at all. Many people say that the whole week was ruined because Sunday was bad. Those people are in the category of the lucky ones who get two days off on Saturday and Sunday. Well, one thing is for sure, Sunday is our favorite day of the week.Now another question. Which of the following seven days do you not like? Surveys on this say that Monday is the hardest time. I have heard that song written by Amitabh Bhattacharya from the movie 'Go Goa Gone'. 

You know, a survey says that fifty percent of people arrive at the office late on Monday. Not only that, on Mondays employees only work the same way for three and a half hours. There are rumors that Monday is very boring along with what was done on Sunday. People between the ages of 45 and 54 suffer from Monday syndrome. Most people commit suicide on Monday. The chances of a heart attack increase by 20 percent on Monday.

Another interesting fact about Monday has also come out. People do most of their online shopping on Mondays. One of the reasons behind this is also believed to be that people get bored at work on Mondays so people shop online to do something fun. So every time there has been a survey about someone but if people are most interested in someone it is Monday.

The most tense day in the office is supposed to be Tuesday, not Monday, one of the reasons being that bosses hand over work on Mondays and his teammates are under the most pressure to finish work on Tuesdays. The boss also came to the field on Monday refreshed and he also knows how to get his teammates back on track. There are also some people who come to the office on Mondays and haveh. Female employees in particular often feel peace in the office rather than at home. Ladies are out of breath in taking care of everything at home on Sundays. Work can be done by sitting at least in the office. Even if he is a senior, his fallen ball is caught in the office. There is so much work at home that when he comes to the office, it happens that he has got to sit hash!

Whether it is a matter of work or mood, it is also a fact that in the end it depends on the person what day, time, situation or circumstance affects him. It is also said that work while you work and play while you play, work at work and have fun while having fun but it does not happen, there is no problem in working after having fun but it takes time to change the mode of mind. That's all there is to it. If someone thinks a little more then someone more. Sooner or later the mind is set. The rest of us all know that we have to walk a little without working!

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