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TPEO Charge Official GR | 21-5-2021

 Is there something in your heart that you haven't done to anyone? Do you constantly remember that? Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? If so, let someone know. Talking in the heart is harmful to health. Be expressed. Relax. No constant loading. It is necessary to live.

Recent research has shown that one of the causes of depression is speechlessness. There are some life events that no one knows about except you. You remember that incident and you tremble.Every man has things in his mind that he has to tell someone. The question is who to tell? The man we are talking to will not tell anyone about us and what is the guarantee? What happens if my personal story is spread? What you once said to someone becomes like a missed arrow. Do not return after the arrow is released. We have also heard the quotation that you are the owner of unspoken words, the owner of the spoken word becomes another. Every man has a stranger, what if you talk to your personal man about your personal man?

Yes, such fears are common to all. Such fears are justified. You can't tell him everything by heart. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. There is such a person. Often we don’t know.So do we know the person closest to us, whether his heart is deep or shallow? Many friends are like a locker, you put something in their heart and then the locker opens whenever you want. There is also a ‘testing formula’ to find such people. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! If that doesn't come back to haunt you, think of it as having stopped. In this way, the person who is his own is being tested. At the same time, wavelengths and vibrations are what create a different kind of bonding.

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An American psychiatrist has said nicely that there is no depth in today's relationship. People don't even speak well of themselves, let alone tell anyone. I am also afraid that this will make me jealous? If you ask me a question? Not only that, some people don't talk because they are afraid that if I talk, they will start giving me advice! You shouldn't do this if you have to.

One thing is for sure. When someone speaks to us personally, we just have to share that we need your advice, your opinion or your response. When someone is talking, listen carefully, if he is doing something wrong, also draw his attention, but do not break it. If you do, it will stop talking. In many cases of suicide, it has happened that the person who committed suicide never spoke to anyone. Only when it hangs or dies does everyone know. We hear in the mouths of relatives that we did not even know that it would do so. If you don't know, it's your fault, not yours. You just couldn't figure it out! Sometimes a depressed person even tries to talk, he gets silent when he gets no response.

The church has a confession box, and people go there to relax. Apologize if a mistake has been made. Is relaxed. In earlier times there were relatives who could talk and who could understand. There is no dialogue with relatives anymore. This is the story of a man. He had found a wonderful way to speak his mind. She befriended a madman. Every day he would sit with the madman and talk to him as if he understood everything. "I am just happy to be free," he said. Many people also bring out their innermost thoughts by writing a diary.

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