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ગ્રાન્ટેડ માધ્યમિક શાળાઓમાં વિષયવાઇઝ ખાલી જગ્યાઓ લિસ્ટ 2021 લેટેસ્ટ

  The incident took place a few days ago in China. A young man running a barbecue shop in Beijing had a bad idea. The brother prepared the hot red chili oil. Filled the glass. Turning on the camera of the mobile,

this chili oil gulped. Even though it happened, the situation that happened after that was horrible. There was a burning sensation in the stomach that caused the man to fall and turn around. The hospital had to be moved immediately. After a week of intensive treatment, his condition returned to normal.

This bhejagap young man when asked why did you do such a thing? He said I wanted to go viral on YouTube! I wanted people to recognize me as a YouTube star. It was also in the backup mind that people would come to see me after watching my video and my hotel would also start running briskly. This brother's video went viral, but with the tagline, there are such idiots! There is this video on YouTube, if you want to watch it, watch it and if anyone is going to do such business, stop it!

Nowadays people want to become famous immediately. We've heard a lot of cases where people went to take selfies and fell into a ditch, got stuck in the water, got stuck with an electric wire or got cut off a train, but now the madness of going 'viral' by making a short video . I do something so that everyone sees me, my video goes around, people talk about me and people who don't know me are proving to be dangerous. 

નીચે ફાઇલ સેવ કરવા લિંક આપી છે. 

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Everyone wants 'celebrity status'! Yes, if something happens to us suddenly and it is funny or tragic, if the video goes viral, it is different, but don't do tricks like putting your head in a crocodile's mouth by hand! Some people even say that Joje Hoon, no one should think that this is a plan, it should look very natural! People are ready to do anything just for a few likes or comments.Grant-in-aid Secondary School vacancy list 

The Fire Spray Challenge on Instagram caused an uproar all over Europe, including the United States and Britain. Seeing the way the challenge was going viral, the London Fire Brigade had to issue a formal alert. Mark Hazelt, group manager at Community Safety in London, called the challenge "stupid and dangerous" and urged youngsters and mothers-fathers to be careful.


By the way, what is this Fire Spray Challenge? Holding a lighter in one hand and any spray in the other hand. Turn on the lighter and then spray on the flame of the lighter! Bhumma thaye moto bhadko thay! Now youngsters are downloading the video and posting it on Instagram and YouTube. Some youngsters didn't have a lighter, so they took a match lamp. The chandelier burned and burst into flames, the fire spread to the hands and clothes. This challenge has taken many youngsters to the hospital. The phenomenon of carpets and curtains being burnt is heaped up. If you want to see, give Fire Spray Challenge in search on Instagram and YouTube. Please don't do this business, what I'm talking about here is to do nothing like this, not to do it!


Funny videos of kids are seen a lot on YouTube and also go viral. After watching such videos, many parents also feel the urge to make their son or daughter 'viral'. The biggest example of this is the video of a young child tasting lemon for the first time. After giving a slice of lemon to a very young child, it is like seeing the expression on his face due to sourness. Closing his mouth and eyes, he tweaks his head as if the sourness has not entered his brain! Really, it's fun to watch but have you ever thought of that baby? In many cases, the child did not give any expression after tasting the lemon. So the second time and the last eight to ten times but the child did not respond. At such times parents get frustrated that this is not doing anything, now what should we upload? There are also many cases where a child starts crying after eating a lemon. You know, there's a Baby Eating Lemons for the First Time contest on YouTube. It is difficult for us to understand what parents want to prove by doing this.

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