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શિક્ષકો માટેની વર્ગ 3 ખાતાકીય પરિક્ષાની જાહેરાત 2021 |

 The first is morning practice - so everyone knows how beneficial reading is in the morning. Because after a good night’s sleep you stay absolutely fresh and full of energy. There is also an atmosphere of peace in the morning.
So it is said that going to bed early and getting up early in the morning makes a person healthy, prosperous and intelligent. Morning study can help you remember for a long time.First of all, we should study keeping in mind the syllabus of that exam and we also have to keep in mind that how we are managing the time, we must make a time table for this, if we study all this keeping in mind, then we must be successful. Will getAnother tip is to eat well.

friends if you want to get good marks in exams you have to eat good food too. Your diet should be high in protein. Eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, eggs, fish and meat. Soup .. Include green tea and fresh juice in your diet chart.If once we have set in our mind how to prepare for competitive exam, then the first thing is that first of all make a plan according to the syllabus. How much time do we have for the exam and what will we have to do in that time. So to do all that we should make a Time Table.
ઓફિસિયલ જાહેરાત લિંક નીચે આપી છે 

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  • Exam Date : 17-18 August 2021
  • Online Application : 15-7-'21 to 30-7-'21
  • Exam Centre : Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar 

The subject in which you are a little weak, that poison) should be given more time. If we do this way then we will definitely get success. It is very easy to do all this, we just have to present our morale. Only then will we be successful.And yes stay away from junk food. Because junk food infects your stomach quickly and you can get sick during the exam .. so avoid thisThe third tip is the time table.The first rule of success in any field is time management. Pay special attention to time management to get you a good number. Divide each topic by time. Give more time to the subject in which your grip is weak. 

Most students do not revise the topic. But don't make this mistake. If you revise a subject that you know well by giving a certain amount of time, that subject will help you to increase your overall percentage by scoring more. So allocate an equal amount of time for each subject.The fourth tip is to understand the concept - do not prepare according to the syllabus. It doesn’t have to work every time. You need to understand the subject first and then move on. Sometimes it happens that you go to give an exam by skipping and get scared if the question is asked a little differently in the question paper. In this case, if you understand the subject and go for the exam, you will be ready to give all kinds of answers.

Here are 5 tips. Make notes -This is a tried and successful rule.Notes will always help you.Whenever you read or revise, keep notes carefully.If you create a point, the details inside will be remembered automatically as soon as you remember the point.So make notes need.Here are 6 tipsSapphire Paper -On most occasions no one advises you to solve sapphire paper but this can be very effective. You can understand many questions by collecting the question papers of the last few years. Solving those questions will give you confidence. Also syllabus can be completed.Who knows, many questions will be asked from him.

And the 7th tip is don't try to avoid it - do it tomorrow, do it today, do it today, so always remember this saying Most of the time children avoid studying and then eventually get pressured by seeing the syllabus. Doing so after an incomplete work affects your result. Set a goal every day that I have to complete this chapter today .. and start preparing accordingly ..Our best wishes are with you.

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