Monday, June 28, 2021

આ 4 રીતને અપનાવશો ઓછું થઇ જશે લાઇટ બિલ, દર મહિને થશે મોટી બચત

 Inflation is rising day by day. Many bills like light bill, mobile bill start every month on the first date. Then today we will tell you what kind of lights will be installed in the house to reduce the electricity bill by half.Even if LED
is used in general use, the light bill is lower.CFL is the best way to reduce the heat in the house and also to reduce the electricity bill.There are different types of lights available in the market today. The lights add to the beauty of our home. But sometimes something brought into fashion later becomes too expensive for us. Due to which the expenses in the house are increasing. Today we are talking to you about one such thing. In which you can save on home light bill.

LED: Usually we use LED only during festivals. But even if we use LED in general use, the light bill comes down. LED is eco-friendly. So LEDs do not heat up and these lights last a long time.Solar lamps: These lamps will be charged by sunlight and will bring light to the house at night, thus saving electricity. Solar panels are installed where the sun is most exposed. Once fully charged, the system can be illuminated by a single bulb for up to eight hours in a row.CFL: CFL is the best way to reduce the heat in the house and also to reduce the electricity bill. CFL is the best option if the house has an interior that needs more lights.

વધુ માહિતી લિંક નીચે આપી છે 

વિગતવાર ન્યૂઝ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Fixtures: Use fixtures to attach lights. Light frames can be chosen from bamboo, wood, recycled glass and other eco-friendly products. Creating combinations in this way will make the whole decor eco-friendly.Friends, what do you think if the electricity bill is going up, and the heat is not tolerated? Let's do something so that the heat is less and the bills are less. Is that possible? Gee yes, friends, this is possible. There is a way you can lower your electricity bill and get rid of the heat. So let friends know about this in detail.

Our CEA i.e. the Central Electricity Authority has issued a notification of its own. If our power minister RK Singh says one thing in that manifesto, your electricity bill may be very low. Follow this suggestion very carefully.You believe, without A.C. But if you keep your A.C. temperature at a certain point, your bill will be less than necessary. According to this announcement, if you keep the temperature of your A.C. at 24 degrees, your bill will also come down and you will also get cooling.

Power Minister RK Singh said that most people keep their A.C. temperature between 16 and 21 degrees. If you change the temperature of your A.C to 24 instead of 23 then this 1 point consumes less power by 6%.

The body temperature of any man ranges from 35 to 36 degrees. According to a government survey, if you keep your A.C. temperature at 24 degrees, it is also very good for your health. Apart from this, the government has asked to keep the temperature of A.C. at 24 degrees in all government offices where there is A.C.Now that we know, any A.C works in any way. Any A.C has two units, one indoor unit and one compressor. The job of the compressor is to equalize the temperature. Suppose the outside temperature is 40 degrees, then the outside temperature is 40 degrees and the inside temperature of the room is 35 degrees.

Now when you keep 16 degrees in the room, the compressor will blow cold air until your room temperature reaches 16 degrees and as soon as the room temperature reaches 16 degrees then the compressor shuts off immediately and only the fan starts. When you turn the A.C. temperature to 18 the compressor starts again. Friends, if you keep 16 degrees, it will be as cold as winter. That means you have to wear a sweater or a blanket.

Thus if you keep the temperature at 24 degrees the compressor will blow cold air until the room temperature reaches 16 degrees and as soon as the temperature reaches 24 the compressor shuts off. So friends, if you believe that a 16 degree room will cool down quickly, break that illusion. Therefore A.C. should be used only at 24 degrees, it will also keep cooling and will also reduce the bills.

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