Friday, June 4, 2021

Bridgecourse - Class Readiness: Knowledge Bridge Literature Material Download PDF

With the commencement of the new term in the Primary 
Education Committee, the first bridge course will be started for the students who have passed with mass promotion and will go to the next standard. For the first time in the committee, a previous standard course has been started for the students who have gone to the next standard. At the same time, on-line education has to be given till the school starts.

The primary education school vacation will end and the new semester will start from June 7. Due to the decision of the government, like other schools, students have also been given mass promotions and sent to higher standard.On-line education was provided as the school was closed during the Corona period.

 Children have also qualified for discipleship as teachers have taught on the streets for discipleship as well as on-line teaching. However, the parents of the students have said that many students have fallen into the trap of online education due to mobile and net problems.Students have passed by studying online instead of going to schools, but the government has instructed them to start bridge courses to lay the foundation for their new standard. Students who have passed the mass promotion will start the course of the standard to which they were sent before they start the course of the previous standard. Bridge Course Class Readiness: Gyansetu Sahitya Sarkar has been prepared by the government to understand the new standard curriculum using the outcome of that standard - understanding, repetition, rehearsal.

તાલીમ સાહિત્ય નીચે લિક આપી છે 

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School readiness for Std. 1, class readiness for Std. 2 and 3 Gujarati and Mathematics and Std. Gujarati, Mathematics, English and Science subjects are included for 4th to 9th. The curriculum and literature will be delivered to the schools before the commencement of the session and the program of bridge course will be started accordingly. From 7th to 9th June, teachers will be given training on Big Bridge Course Classredness - Gyansetu Angeta Training Bypass.

Teachers help their students to learn and apply concepts in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, social studies, art, music, language arts, and science. They work in public and private schools to help children acquire skills that allow them to solve problems and develop critical thinking processes. Do you want to be a teacher? If you are a major in education, you will graduate with the essential skills of instructing children, but the work of a teacher is complex. It requires skills and qualities that you will not learn in school. This is known as soft skills.

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