Saturday, July 3, 2021

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 રિપોર્ટ કાર્ડ જાહેર | 2021

 The Primary School Merit Program was started from Thursday to evaluate the performance of primary school students including reading and writing. Which concluded on Saturday. During the

merit program, more than eight thousand students were evaluated in 30 schools of taluka.

Students were evaluated under the merit program in 30 schools in different areas of taluka. The students were assessed by the officers and functionaries regarding writing, reading as well as the physical facilities of the schools. In the same schools, the officials ate the food items made for lunch. 

Many schools in the city, including the primary schools in the hinterland of , witnessed a throbbing in the primary schools following the meritocracy. Among the senior officers, Town CPI Patil conducted evaluation work at Pandyavas, Savageday Primary School. Similarly, 20 different chief officers and 20 liaison officers evaluated more than eight thousand students in three days.Moti Isrol: Students were evaluated by DYSP PN Kher and Liaison Officer at Rajali Primary School in Moti Isrol Panth. While in Nani Isrol Primary School on Saturday a merit ceremony was held in the presence of MLA Dilipsinh Parmar, KPE Engineer DM Pranami. CRC Kantibhai and the principal and staff of the primary school worked hard to make the Gunotsav program a success. Officials, meanwhile, praised the school's performance.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 રિપોર્ટ કાર્ડ જાહેર 

અહી ક્લિક કરો -ડાઉનલોડ

રિપોર્ટ કાર્ડમાં શું શું છે ? PDF વાંચો  

Earlier, the grade certificates of schools and teachers up to Gunotsav-8 were released on the website shortly after the assessment. But since the last academic year, result-oriented changes have been made in the assessment structure and system, but the results of the assessment have been kept in abeyance.

It is a matter of utmost negligence that since the commencement of school assessment in September 2019 under the name Gunotsav 2.0, till date not a single school result and grade sheet has been declared out of the 19,500 schools assessed in the state. Due to Corona virus and lockdown, GSQAC administration has not taken the initiative to release the results of school assessment and certificate of gradation under Gunotsav 2.0 after March 16, 2020.As per the guidelines of the Central Government, 50 per cent of the academic staff in schools and colleges can be called and assigned the task of imparting online education. Tele-counseling can also be done from them.

Students living in the Retention Zone will be able to go to the school with the written permission of the parents to get the guidance of the teacher in the school. The rule will take effect from September 21. Only students from Std. 9 to Std. 12 will be able to go to school under this rule. The standard operating procedure will be announced by the Department of Health and Family Welfare in September.

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