Tuesday, July 27, 2021

આંગણવાડીમાં ભરતી આવી રહી છે - 2021

For the purpose of child welfare in the state of Gujarat, Anganwadi scheme for small children has been implemented in every village. The main purpose is to take care of the health and education of the children before they get primary education. Children below the age of five years are admitted in Anganwadi. These children are played games, sung songs and given nutritious food.

The Gujarat government will not only start a step by step project to improve the primary education of the children studying in Anganwadi, but will also set up separate cells in every district of the state for the effective operation of this project. Through which it will be decided at all the Anganwadi centers of the state as well as it has been decided to impart the training of the prescribed course to the Anganwadi workers through GCERT. The Education Department of the Government of Gujarat has decided to determine the gradation of Anganwadis from now on and for this operation the office of the State Commissioner for Women and Child Development will implement the step by step project and all the Anganwadis of the state will be graded under the project. 

According to sources, a special cell will be set up in each district of the state under the project by the office of the Commissioner for Women and Child Development in the state. GCERT has decided to impart special training in the prescribed curriculum to the Anganwadi workers in all the Anganwadi Centers for imparting primary education to the children studying in Anganwadi under this project. Children's Day will be celebrated every third Tuesday in which all the development assessment of the children will be checked on the basis of which grading and up grading of all the Anganwadi centers in the state will be done. Is going.

આંગણવાડીમાં ભરતી 2021 

ઓફિસિયલ પરિપત્ર PDF 

Some important decisions have been taken in the new education policy for the purpose of

providing good education to the children in the age group of three to five years in the Anganwadi centers in the state. This course will be conducted by GCRT. Children's Day will be celebrated every third Tuesday at the Anganwadi Centers. According to the new education policy, the children of Anganwadi will be admitted to the school with the preparation for kindergarten education so that the level of primary education is also expected to improve.

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