Thursday, July 29, 2021

 For effective classroom behavior, the teacher should develop his professional readiness.
For this, the teacher's grip on the subject should be strong and the way of presenting the subject should be effective. The teacher should have the power to do research and solve it. In addition the teacher should be aware of new inventions and new methods and should be able to use them during class work.Content: Content is the most important factor in effective classroom behavior. 

Only if you are an expert in the subject matter will your confidence increase and you will be able to convey the correct information of the subject matter to the student. If your content is raw and you can present well and have a good class, then you are doing injustice to the students. The teacher has to lay the foundation of the student's life. The student's curiosity has to be fulfilled. Is to solve the questions that arise in the mind of the student. The student has to answer in the correct and simple language that is satisfactory. This is possible only when the teacher is fluent in the subject matter.

Content presentation: The content and the presentation of the content are like two sides of the same coin. An important factor influencing classroom behavior after content mastery is the presentation of the content. The grasp on the subject will be very good, but if the presentation is not good, our class will definitely fail and we will not be able to convey what is to be conveyed to the students. Teacher's preparation for presentation of content, appropriate and age based examples, teaching by story, teaching by song, teaching by travel, teaching by game, teaching by computer, T.L.M. Teaching by experience, teaching by experience, teaching by experiment, demonstration method, teaching by audio medium, thus teaching by many methods and techniques makes our class practice effective.

The teacher has to be a good salesman and share the education among the students. Have good cooking at a wedding or other occasion. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. In the same way, despite the knowledge of the subject, the lack of proper presentation of it makes the students dislike the teacher.Dialect and language style also play an important role in the presentation of the content. The teacher should learn the dialect of the area and explain the research work to the follower. The language of the teacher should be easily understood by the student.

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The teacher needs to pre-plan and prepare everything that is to be done in the classroom.  For example, if the experiment is to be done, the necessary tools for it should be collected and tested by observing and testing it. If it is to be taught by computer, it is necessary to check everything related to it. If an audio CD or audio cassette is to be played, it should be checked whether the CD or cassette is suitable and whether its player is working.

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