Sunday, August 1, 2021

GPSC DySO /Deputy Mamlatdar Question Paper 01-8-2021

Different bodies involved in conducting Civil Service Examinations at the State and the
National level are not merely job portals where young aspirants come with expectations to get a job but they are an important thread in the socio-economic fabric of the governance. In a layman's terms, a Public Service Commission may be mere exam conducting body responsible for various recruitment procedures. However, it is expected that a Public Service Commission envisages its role and importance beyond that common understanding in the Civil Society. 

The Public Service Commissions are an integral part of the social justice system and hold special importance in the process of governance and success of the democracy which our founding fathers envisaged. Millions of hopes and dreams rest on functioning of these bodies. 

Therefore, reliability, validity and above all transparency in the examination system should be the top most priority. It is also upon the Public Service Commissions to create a guiding thrust which fulfils the expectations of the society by the officers it recruits. 

I am happy to state that the Gujarat Public Service Commission works with this vision and understanding of its role in the good governance & social justice system."Do you have dreams Wake up and realize that this was a dream come true.The answer is yes. Everyone has dreams. Yes, it is possible that we do not remember dreams. In the morning we go straight to our real world. The night often draws us from the supernatural to the invisible world. A new world opens after the eyes are closed. 

Dy SO/ નાયબ મામલતદાર પરીક્ષા 2021 

The dream of the night keeps asking us questions during the day. Why did I have such a dream? Theories of Conscious and Subconscious Mind are given behind dreams. Yet one fact is that even science has not yet fully understood dreams. Numerous studies have been done, many experiments are also going on, yet no one can knock on the chest and say that this is true about dreams. Dreams are beyond comprehension and maybe the fun of dreams is the same! Dreams are said to be a faint reflection of the events of the day in our lives. Much like our thoughts, feelings, desires, expectations, shocking or joyful thoughts, future fantasies, childhood experiences are connected with our dreams. 

We often feel that we have rational dreams, the fact that dreams have nothing to do with logic. Dreams do not have logic. The logic is what we have devised. Alas, dreams are not like a story or an event in a row. When we tell someone what kind of dream I had, we make up a story, the rest of the dreams come in the form of sporadicash. Good dreams make us happy. For a while we chew on those dreams and then forget. If there is anything that disturbs us in the waking state, it is the nightmares that come with sleep. At times, you may have experienced a bad dream that woke you up. Sometimes there are dreams that a person is trembling or his whole body is sweating.

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