Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Home Learning Time table september 2021

If happiness could be bought with wealth, no rich man in the world would be miserable. Happiness,

peace, happiness, fun or joy is not a matter of wealth. The rich man living in the bungalow where the five star hotel is also buzzing is also rubbing the curtains on the decorated sage and the poor man is also enjoying a good night's sleep in the carpet. We have been hearing that what is fun in fakir is not in wealth. It is not easy to come up with a common definition of happiness. 

The definition of happiness varies from person to person. A man who works hard all day to get home is relieved to see the smiling faces of his wife and children. The daughter, who is running and hugging, loses the fatigue of the whole day in an instant. We have been associating happiness or sorrow with destiny. We also associate happiness with wealth. If a man has a lot of wealth, then we assume that he doesn't care, he has a party. It is said in English for the fetus-rich people, Born with the Silver Spoon. Whether the spoon is made of silver, silver, steel or plastic, the happiness in the spoon is no less important. Silver spoons are often empty and plastic spoons can also be bursting with love, feeling and warmth.

Home Learning Time table 

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Do you know what is one of the biggest causes of our suffering? We keep comparing ourselves to others. He has so much, he has no problem with money, he is a celebrity, his name is huge, he has thousands and millions of followers on social media, he gets heaps of likes! After thinking about all this, at last we also say in our mind that if there is luck, it is like that! How much do we really know about his fate? What do you think of Alan Musk, the founder of the Tesla Company? He is the second-third richest person in the world. Most people in the world consider it lucky. He tweeted about Allen when he started to be a very lucky man, lucky man. I work sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year and people think I'm lucky! We also often talk about a rich person saying that if I had that much, I would not do anything. The truth is, you have to keep running whatever you have, and running it is like chewing iron. Most of the people who have private jets do not have to worry about going home. The real fun of sitting in a plane is seldom, ask a frequent flyer, how boring is a plane trip?


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