Friday, October 8, 2021

ગુજરાત પાક્ષિક સામયિક ઓક્ટોબર 2021


The Information Department plays an important role in communicating various schemes and policies of the State

Government to every section of the society. The department plays a bridging role in establishing harmony between the general public and the government. Since the establishment of the state (since May 1, 190) till today, the department has been discharging its functions and responsibilities faithfully and successfully, the credit for which goes to the hard working employees of the department. has come.At a time when the news media is working 4 hours a day and the use of internet has increased, the information department is also carrying out propaganda through digital media. 

The Information Department also provides information on the day-to-day operations of the state government to Doordarshan. In addition, in the rural areas of the state, the department also conducts publicity through traditional mediums like street drama, bhavai, puppet show. At the same time, the use of voting machines in rural areas is also made known to the people through Bhavai and Natak. Understanding the importance of media, the news branch has been renamed as News and Media Relations Branch by the department.

 In addition, a separate branch of electronic media has been set up and G-Smart Studios are being set up. The exhibition branch has been reorganized as a film production branch. The department's official website has been used to facilitate the work and publicity of the department. 

ગુજરાત પાક્ષિક સામયિક 2021 

ડાઉનલોડ સામયિક PDF 

In addition, daily press notes, special reports, circulars and photographs are sent by e-mail to all electronic and print media organizations. The video coverage received by the FTP server is processed and sent to Doordarshan. The function of the information department is such that it needs to be vigilant and dynamic at all times, especially in case of natural calamities like drought, hurricane, flood and earthquake or communal. Riots, epidemics or accidents. It is true by its nature that the department has demonstrated its expertise in overcoming all challenges through efficient teamwork and effective administration and has continued to do so.

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