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GPSSB ભરતી 2022 નોટિફિકેશન PDF

The Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board is established under section 235 of the Gujarat Panchayat Act, 1993. The Board consists of five members including the Chairman. The duty of the Board is to select

candidates for recruitment to Class III posts in the Panchayat Service and to advise the Panchayats in such matters as prescribed by the rules. The Board also conduct Departmental Examination of Panchayat Service Class III and Hindi/Gujarati Languages Examination. The Board also advise panchayats for disciplinary action against panchayat service class III employee as per District Panchayat proposals in case of:In our democratic system we have adopted the system of Panchayati Raj. 

panchayat employees / officers are an integral and important part of the Panchayati Raj system. Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board conducts competitive examination for direct recruitment of Class-4 employees of Panchayat. This is the center of hope for many. Therefore, reliability, honesty, confidentiality and transparency in the recruitment process are naturally expected. Panchayat jobs should not only be a means for employment or earning money but also a means for social justice and social service. I am happy to say that Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board is also working with the same vision and understanding and is making sincere efforts to make its important contribution in good governance. !!! Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat !!! 

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આમાં હાલ અલગ અલગ 4 જગ્યા પર જાહેરાત છે, 

GPSSB ભરતી નોટિફિકેશન 2022

GPSSB ઓફિસિયલ વેબસાઇટ 

ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક 

Vacancies for various cadres under Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board will be filled immediately. Minister of State for Panchayats Brijeshbhai Merja visited the Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board in Gandhinagar today and got information about various functions of the board. Mr. Merja said that matters including the outline and targets of the work to be done in the coming days have been decided. Stating that it is our priority to provide employment to the youth of the state, he added that the Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board will soon start the recruitment process for the vacant posts of various cadres of the Panchayat. It is also planned that the recruitment process will be completed more quickly and transparently.

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