Saturday, January 15, 2022

Gujarat PSI Bharti Result Declare 2022


From 09/12/2071 on 15 (fifteen) centers of Gujarat Physical test of the cadre was organized, which was completed in this test. Click here to see the details of the candidates who have passed the physical

test in the category, as well as the details of the marks obtained by the candidates who have passed the physical test .If any candidate has any objection or representation regarding the details of the result of the physical test, a copy of the collator should be included with the application by 31/01/208. Recruitment Board Office, Bungalow No. G-16, Near Sarita Udhan, Sector-2, Gandhinagar - 2008 Or send by speed post or courier.

Candidates who have passed the physical test process have to take the preliminary examination as per the rules. The preliminary examination is scheduled to be held on any Sunday after the 14th of February. The exact date will be announced on the website. 

Those concerned should take note.Have you ever heard of the term PSI? If yes, then you will be aware of its short form till now, if you have not read or heard about Full Forms related to the word PSI then we are going to tell you about Full Forms of these words in our article. Have been Remember the full form of the word PSI (psi long form) in such a good way so that if anyone can tell you about this full form. Table of contents What is PSI By the way, there are many words related to PSI Words

PSI Bharti Information 

Result PDF Download 

Official Website  

 which we hear and read in our daily routine, like a full form of a PSI word (Police Sub-Inspector) is also a police sub-inspector. A police sub-inspector is an officer in the police department who acts under the jurisdiction of the Indian Penal Code and the Constitution of India within his police station area. We are also sharing with you some information related to the police department which is as follows. 

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