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ધોરણ 10 પરિણામ 2022 બુકલેટ ડાઉનલોડ PDF


The strategy of how to prepare for board exams at the last minute will be told in this blog. Some easy types of tips will  also be told so that you can prepare well for the board exam. This blog will be very beneficial for the students of class 10th and 12th. The time before the start of the exam is very important. Complete information will be given about how to prepare for the board exam and increase your score. You can get maximum marks by following the strategy given below.

How to prepare for board exam?The result of the board exam is very important, only after the result comes, we can think

about our future. After the tenth board, we can decide which field to go to arts, commerce or commerce. Also, at the time of the job, the 10th result is seen in our resume. Many children are scared of board exams. But the board exam is not so difficult, this exam is like all the other exams, but the 10th exam is important because it helps us a lot in the future of the 10th board in our future. In this blog, you will read how to prepare for board exams.

Given below are some of the questions that come in the mind of every child.

How to prepare for board exam in less time? How to make time table? Which syllables to read? Where can I get old papers? When do I get the hall ticket? What to carry in board exam? How to remember what you read? How to reduce the tension of board exam? How to Increase Confidence (Self Confidence) for Board Exams? time table : Due to Corona, all the students have studied online at this time. So the question in the mind of many children is that how do we prepare for the board exam? First of all make a time table. Utilize your time well while making the time table. Make a time table from studies to rest as well as a time table for eating and drinking and sleeping. The most important thing is to follow the time table.It is very important to give time to all the subjects.While making the time table, do not forget to solve the old question paper.Follow the time table properly.While preparing the time table keep the above mentioned things in mind.Check it : How to become a scientist?

performance analysis

It is very important to do performance analysis while preparing for the board exams. By doing performance analysis, you get to know which subject is taking you how much time as well as which subject you are finding difficult. You can solve previous year papers to prepare for board exams. The chapters of some subject are very easy while some chapters are a bit difficult. You have to put in a little more effort in the chapters that you find difficult. By doing this you get to know the right target.

get enough sleep and break

What a mistake a lot of kids do while preparing for board exams. Due to the tension of board exams, he does not get enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep, he falls physically ill and at the same time his brain does not work well. So it would be advised to take good and complete sleep of 7 to 8 hours while preparing for the board exam. With the completion of sleep, your mind remains fresh and you remember what you read.


Revision is very important for the preparation of board exam. By now the syllabus of many children in school and tuition would have been completed. By revising, what you have read gets fit in the mind in a good way. While revising keep in mind the smallest points. Because sometimes inside the board exam, MCQ questions are also asked from the middle of the chapter. So while preparing for the board exam, do revision wisely so that you can increase your marks by every single mark of Mcq.

ધોરણ 10 પરિણામ 

બુકલેટ ડાઉનલોડ PDF

Prepare for board exams subject wise .The topic which is taught in school comes in many syllabus exams. Come home, read and understand the syllabus thoroughly. After the chapter is over, read it thoroughly and prepare for the questions coming from above it. Ask your teacher the question which cannot be answered. Read each question carefully and remember the answer. Because in board exams sometimes some questions are asked by twisting. If you have understood each chapter well then you will be able to answer that question.

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