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B.Ed admission 2022 Saurashtra University


B.Ed course is a very important course to become a teacher, the full form of B.Ed is “Bachelor in Education” (BACHELOR IN EDUCATION). Friends, as you know that becoming a teacher is a very good career in today's time. may be an option. Because you get a lot of respect in the job of a teacher and along with that you also get good salary, although I have also told you about the salary that if you do BEd then how much salary you will get. To know all these things, it is necessary that you must read this article completely.

Another biggest advantage of becoming a teacher is that even after a job, you get a lot of time for yourself, in which you

can do whatever you want. The course will have to be done because according to the new rules of the government, the course of BEd is mandatory to become a teacher. Who can do BEd? All those people who want to become a teacher can do BEd. To become a B.Ed, you must have passed at least 12th and you must have at least 50% marks in 12th, only then you can do B.Ed. If someone has completed his graduation, then he can also do B.Ed or have done his post graduation, even then you can do B.Ed course but in all you must have at least 50% marks. 

For admission in any college, there should be 55% marks. There is a slight difference in all of these and what is the difference in this post you will know further. The form will have to be applied online, this form comes in the month of February-March.You have to pass the entrance exam then only you will be able to get admission for BEd course. Admission is done in some college even without entrance exam, but before taking admission, you should get to know about that college very well. All the states conduct their respective BEd exams such as UP BEd, Bihar BEd, Rajasthan BEd. etc.

In all the states, the process of online application of D starts almost in February-March, It may be a little different in some states. Whenever the application process of B.Ed is started in your state, you can apply. You can comment and tell which state you are from, I will tell you about your state. When will the form come? How long is the B.Ed course? Friends, now there has been a slight change in the course of BEd, where earlier you had to do graduation for doing BEd, but now it is not so. Also read: How many subjects are there in graduation? According to the changed rules of BEd, even if you have not done your graduation, you can still do BEd ac course very easily. 

ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની છેલ્લી તા.30-6-2022 છે 

B.Ed.Admission 2022

જાહેરાત PDF ફાઇલ 

 ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક 

The course of B.Ed can now be done in three ways and the duration of B.Ed course is different for all three. If you want to do B.Ed after 12th then you have to do four years course in B.Ed. If you want to do B.Ed after graduation, then you have to do two years course in B.Ed. If you want to do BEd after post graduation, then you have to do one year course in BEd. Earlier there was an option to do BEd course of only two years but now it has changed. How much will be the fee for doing B.Ed? Now let's talk about the most important thing, what is the fee of BEd course? You all would also like to know that if you want to do B.Ed, then how much will it cost? 

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