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Central Caste List of Gujarat

 Hello friends, if you are from the Scheduled Tribe (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other

Backward Classes (OBC) community in the state of Gujarat, then while filling any central government job or any other form, you may be of ST / SC / OBC caste. central list of In this article, you will read the list of ST, SC, OBC in the state of Gujarat from the central government which has been taken from the official website of the government, whose link will also be found below and you can also download the PDF.

Other Backward Class Kise Kahte Hai? What percentage for other backward classes? /What is OBC reservation? So you are reading the perfect article because in this article you will get to read almost all the questions related to the backward class- such as- what are the other backward classes? What is the provision for backward classes in the Indian Constitution? What is the reservation of OBC? When did OBC reservation come into force? When was the National Backward Commission established? Why was the National Backward Classes Commission formed? In which article is the National Backward Classes Commission? Is there a difference between creamy layer and non -creamy layer in the OBC category? And so on. Therefore, read this article once till the end and if you give your response in the comment below or if there is any question. So read further answers to your question ………… ..

What is Article 15 (4) of the Constitution of India?Any talk of this article or section (2) of Article 29 will not prevent the state from making any special provision for the progress of any social and educational classes for any social and educational citizens or for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.What is Article 16 (4) of the Constitution of India?Any talk of this article will not prevent the state in favor of a class of backward citizens, whose representation is not sufficient in services under the state in the opinion of the state, will not prevent the provisions from providing for reservation of appointments or posts.What is Article 340 of the Constitution?The appointment of the Commission for exploration of the conditions of backward classes 

The President, within the territory of India, to remove the conditions of social and educationally backward classes and the difficulties they are facing for the exploration of and to remove those difficulties and To improve their condition, measures should be taken by the Union or any state to recommend about the grants that should be made by the Union or any state for that purpose and the conditions under which they should be grant. For, by order, a commission will be appointed which will be made up of individuals who consider it right and the process that is appointed by the Commission will be sure in the order appointing a commission.

Central Caste List 

OBC Caste List Here
SC Caste List Here
ST Caste List Here

 The Commission appointed in this way will investigate the subjects directed by itself and report to the President, in which the facts found by it will be submitted and in which recommendations will be made which the Commission considers appropriate. The President will put a copy of the report given thus, including the memorandum which clarifies the action taken on it, will put it before every House of Parliament.

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