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TET 2 Useful | Std.7 Sanskrit Unit's Questions /answer


Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world. This language represents national unity, integrity, ethics and spiritual importance. Knowledge of Sanskrit language is essential for promotion and preservation

of Indian culture. From Vedic literature, today, literature is being created in many genres. The Sanskrit language does not confirm the other language with its proudness and saloni style but becomes a lalam. Therefore, knowledge of Sanskrit language is inevitable for students in the curriculum of school education.Sanskrit (Sanskrit) is a language of the Indian subcontinent. Sanskrit is a Hindu language which is a branch of the Hindu language family. Modern Indian languages like, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Nepali, etc. 

All these languages are also included in the Romani language of European Banjas. In Sanskrit, all about all the scriptures are written related to Vedic religion. Many important texts of Buddhism (specially Mahayana) and Jain views are also written in Sanskrit. Even today, there are most sacrifices and worship of Hinduism in Sanskrit. Several indo-Aryans connect the Sanskrit Amatus. The Vedic Sanskrit found in the old Rigveda is a collection of 1,028 bhajans between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, which has been preceded by the Indo-Aryan tribes from Afghanistan and Northern India in North India They escape. The Vedic Sanskrit spoke to the ancient ancient languages of the sub-continent, with the names of new plants and animals. Dravid was no language but a ancient Indian state.

Sanskrit has also been included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. It is the second official language of Uttarakhand. The news is broadcasted in Sanskrit from Aakashvani and Doordarshan. for a few years D. D. News (dd news) is also broadcasted by the Sanskrit translation of Hindi film songs, simple Sanskrit-teaching, Sanskrit-necessity and Sanskrit biography of great men, proverbs, etc. is getting getting.Word-forms - All the languages of the world have one or some forms, while in Sanskrit there are 27 forms of each word. (7) Diminutive - All languages have singular and plural while diminutive in Sanskrit is additional. (8) Sandhi - The most important characteristic of Sanskrit language is Sandhi.

When two letters come near Sanskrit, the form and pronunciation are changed by the conjunction there. (9) It is considered to be the most suitable language for computer and artificial intelligence. (10) Research has been found to be so that remembrance strength increases by reading Sanskrit.[8] Words can be placed in Sanskrit sentences in any order. This does not have a very low or possibility of being misused. So it is therefore because all words are according to inflection and verbs and the correct meaning is protected even when the order is changed. For example: I go home or go home I am both right. (12) Sanskrit is the most 'full' of the world and is logical language.[9] (13). The students who study it help in mathematics, science and other languages. 

Std.7 Sanskrit Materials

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Literature in Sanskrit language has been continuously continuously leaving less than six thousand years. The best brain day and night of many millions of texts of the texts of India till thousands of Purushts of India are also arranging today. Not that there is any language that wanders about in a country for so long, so far as the world is wandering in such an excellent brain. It is not a peaceful. Even after a long period of time, Sanskrit manuscripts existing more than 3 crore today while humiliating innumerable natural and human disasters (foreign attacks). The number of manuscripts of Greek and Latin is more 100 times more than 100 times. It is undoubtedly the most cultural heritage created by any culture before the invention of the invention of this wealth.[10]

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