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Sports are essential part of our life. Sports play an important role in developing a healthy body and mind. There are many 

types of sports, which help in our physical as well as mental development. During continuous studies many times there is a situation of tension. In such a situation, sports is a better medium to remove this tension. In our country, sports do not get the same priority as education. Just as education is necessary for the proper development of the mind, in the same way sports are important for the physical development. Through education we cannot learn team spirit, but it is possible through sports. It is worth noting here that in many schools, a lot of attention is being paid to education but not to sports. There are some schools where sports are limited. In such a situation, the responsibility of the parents increases. They should encourage children to join sports at their own level. In such a situation, there is a need that we should give equal importance to sports and studies. To promote sports in the school, it should be made a regular activity like a regular subject.In the race to become progressive and modern, we are playing with our health. 

We are forgetting the importance of sports. Today's children play games only in mobile, laptop and video games. But it is necessary to know the importance of sports with the increasing growth of children. The importance of sports is often asked to write essays in examinations and competitive examinations. To explain the importance of sports and essay on the importance of sports, which is an important and asked topic, small and big essays are being given below. Let us see the importance of sports in our life.Swami Vivekananda had said to the youth of his country - “My young friends. Be strong This is my advice to you. Instead of reading the Gita, the youth should play football. It is clear from this statement that the residence of a healthy mind is possible only in a healthy body and sports are essential to make the body healthy and strong. Psychologists are of the opinion that human interest in sports is natural. For this reason children take more interest in sports. P. Siren has said- 'Good health and good understanding are the two best blessings of life.' 

To achieve these two, it is necessary to play the game with the spirit of a player in life. By playing, the body gets strength, the muscles grow, the hunger gets intensified, laziness and the purity of the maladi. By playing sports, a man gets used to struggle. The important habit of taking life's victories and defeats in a joyful manner comes from playing sports only. Games entertain us a lot. Be it a player or a sports lover, both get a unique pleasure in the playground.Sports is equally important in life, as is education. Sports and games not only entertain the students but also make their health perfect. If the children remain happy and healthy, then they will also pay attention to their studies.Under sports, the body exerts a lot of effort, as a result of which more amount of oxygen goes inside the body. This oxygen purifies our blood and helps in digesting food. The one who has given importance to sports always remains happy, healthy and strong, has self-confidence, leadership ability arises, willpower always remains strong, the power of organization is felt. Therefore, sports is synonymous with health.

A healthy youth can play even in the absence of sports equipment. Many families, in order to keep their level high, collect various means of children's games at home and want to keep them confined there, due to which children are deprived of group games. Most of today's children are alone on the computer playing video games. Mental exercises are done by such games, but physical exercises are not possible.Just as there is a feeling of pleasure in eating normal food while sitting in a cool shade after fatigue, in the same way, a diseased body does not feel pleasure even in different types of dishes. Therefore, when the child plays with interest, his digestive power increases and he feels voracious appetite. Digestion of the food taken in this way and strengthening of the body without using any powder or pudding, all these processes are completed like an automatic machine. Doctors are never required for such children. Thus sports are one and the benefits are many.Only that nation becomes developed or powerful, whose youth is healthy. This is possible only when every citizen takes out time for sports despite their busy schedules.

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We can term sports as any competitive sporting activity by people through casual or organized participation. It helps to improve and maintain one's physical abilities and skills. It is a way of entertainment for the participants. Games are really liked by everyone especially children however it can also harm them in various ways. This – Sports: Building character and health can easily injure children or distract them from studies. Still, children love to go out to play with their friends. History If we look at the history, we can see that sports have been given a lot of importance since ancient times. In modern times, due to the rise and popularity of other entertainment-enhancing things like video games, TV, etc., the demand for sports in life is decreasing. Although, it is also true that sports are considered as cultural activities by many countries, so we can say that the trend of sports and sports will never end in the future. Sports activities have been made compulsory in schools and colleges for the good physical, mental health and professional future of the students. Sports hold a promising career ahead for all those who indulge in it with full passion. It is especially beneficial for students as it helps in physical and mental development. People who are more interested in sports and good at playing can lead more active and healthy life. They can develop leadership qualities along with better discipline at the workplace.

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