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mobile charging full Alert

One of the important features missing in Android phones is the battery full alert. It’s such a small thing yet important at

the same time. Imagine if your phone could alert you whenever the battery level reached 100%. Fortunately, it’s possible with two workarounds on Android phones. Let’s check how to get full battery notifications on Android phones.If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you are lucky. You don’t need to install any third-party app to get battery full alarms because your phone comes with a native feature for this functionality. You can get low or full battery alerts using Bixby Routines on Samsung Galaxy phone as shown below:


It doesn’t matter. Damage to the battery from being in a high state of charge is so minimal it’s not worth worrying about. It’s maybe 10% to 15%. What is, however, worth worrying about is depleting your battery’s cycle life and depth of discharge. Those actually make a huge difference in battery life. And leaving power connected while the phone is fully charged minimizes both depth of charges and cycle life depletion. For example, consider a person who drains their battery by 20% every day. They could leave their phone on the charger every night and drain the battery to 80% every day. Or they could charge their phone every third night and charge to only 80%, draining the phone to 20% every third day. Believe it or not, the person who leaves their phone on the charger every night would average three times longer battery life. Under almost all realistic conditions, it is much better for your battery to preserve its cycle life and minimize its discharge depth by charging it whenever possible.

Batteries are an essential tool for every device and gadget that we use. From mobile phones and laptops to every electronic device we use at home, we use those gadgets on a daily basis—in fact, not one gadget or device but two to five devices at once. All these devices need to be charged to work according to your needs. Although there are some alternatives and attributes to charging these devices, We've seen device batteries explode in people's hands, resulting in massive injuries. What could the possible causes be? In every new generation of devices like mobile phones, the first thing they try to update is the batteries and the overall safety of the user. In fact, despite all these measures, people still face things that make them hate them. Most of the time, the user does something with their devices that blows up the batteries and causes them to stop working.In fact, they don't even complete their life cycle and stop working before their actual time, as the company claimed. Some experts have recommended some excellent parameters for preserving device batteries for a longer period of time. Every device, like laptop batteries, mobile phone batteries, and others, has specific attributes that, when followed, give it its maximum output. It is not recommended to watch movies or play games while your laptop's battery is running low. Only by doing so will you prevent your battery from losing charge capacity.

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Overcharging a battery is another thing you must know. Most of the time, the battery stops working or loses its capacity due to overcharging. Especially if you know your battery has been fully charged but it is still plugged in to maintain its full charge.Believe me, if you do that, then there are high chances you'll wreck your battery as well; most of the time, the battery can get blown up in your hands. Furthermore, there are some other parameters that are applicable to any of the devices that use batteries. Most of them are concerned with the charging condition and how you charge it. For example, never charge a device with a charger other than the one its company recommends. Every charger comes with a specific voltage that the battery requires. If you charge it with another company's charger, then certainly you will face the consequences. Even if you don't have a charger, buy one from the device's own company. In the worst-case scenario, you simply need to determine the voltage and overall current required for your device, after which you can pair it with a high-quality charger and charge it. There are many other obvious reasons which you have to avoid in order to save your battery from losing its capacity or, in worse cases, from blowing up. Using high-quality gadgets and their accessories is the way to do it. Do not look for shortcuts because they are the major reason why batteries stop working.

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