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All About Flipkart Plus

 Flipkart Plus, a brand new customer-loyalty app that has been launched today by homegrown Indian and startup e-commerce giant Flipkart.  The business has the initiative as a''India-first app' which is ‘made to pleasure'.   

But if this seems somewhat familiar to you, it is likely because this isn't the first time that the internet shopping portal has kicked something off like this.  Back in 2015, it had established a similar program named Flipkart First, that was priced at $500/year but that was finally shut down.

However, with its new initiative, the organization promises over your regular online buying experience.  Flipkart First delivers a plethora of advantages to level as much as additional rival e-commerce portals.   

What is more, there's not any yearly subscription fee which you want to pay.  But if you are wondering what the fuss is about and need to understand what these additional advantages are, we are here to answer all of your queries.

What's Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is Flipkart's loyalty program that clients can subscribe to without needing to pay an extra fee.  It may be used on the site in addition to the cellular program.   

The Plus application will provide you with a range of benefits such as free shipping on particular goods, quicker delivery period, early access to large sales along with other reductions.

How to Become A Flipkart Plus member, membership eligibility & subscription cost?

Although Flipkart states that there is no extra fee for your subscription, but there is (obviously ) a grab.  The Flipkart First subscription application works on a coin-based program.  So essentially, you have to have approximately 50 coins to combine the Plus app.  These coins will be set in your account according to your credit history with Flipkart.   

So to break the mathematics, an individual would make 1 money for every $250 spent, but on a single trade, you may just receive a max of 10 coins.  This amounts to paying $2,500 in 1 trade and earning five these purchases ($12,500) will get one of the 50 coins that you want to become an early member.

But if you are a regular user, these coins might have been gifted for you by the business itself.  To assess the number of coins you have, all you have to do is log in on Flipkart and, as long as you have the digital wealth to back up you, click the Join for Free button.

Once you have become a part, the exact same mathematics will follow, and you'll receive more coins depending on the purchases you make.  These can then be redeemed to get supplies on Flipkart partners such as BookMyShow, Café Coffee Day, MakeMyTrip, Zomato and ixigo.

Advantages of Flipkart Plus.

If you've gathered over 50 coins and eventually become a part of Flipkart Plus, then there would be other benefits you may get:

        A) Yearly subscription to Hotstar Premium 
             B) Yearly subscription to Zomato Gold 
             C) $1,100 present card to get MakeMyTrip

Along with getting access to free and speedy shipping and premature access to revenue, Flipkart Plus can also be offering some more trendy benefits that go past the website/app itself. 

By way of instance, Flipkart Plus members are privy to supplies like obtaining $100 off movie tickets through BookMyShow, $550 off on flight bookings through ixigo plus a free drink at CCD and SharePoint.  To find out what other bargains you can avail of, then you have to log in to your account, click My Accounts, visit the Plus Zone then go to the Offers section.

Flipkart Plus vs Amazon Prime

The largest advantage that Flipkart Plus has over Amazon Prime is it does not come at a subscription price, unlike the latter that costs $129/month and $999/year.  But, both the solutions offer you free deliveries and premature access for their landmark earnings.

While Flipkart Plus will provide a yearlong subscription to some streaming service such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime gets the upper hand.  Does Prime give you access to some visual streaming support (Prime Video) but in addition, it brings some fantastic sound experiences using the membership to Prime Music.  .

However, to compensate for that, together with all the Flipkart Plus you also receive a free Zomato Gold subscription, and Plus Coins can make you qualified for additional supplies as you carry on making more purchases. 
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