Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What You Will Say About Android Q?

Google's Android Q launch date and features are exactly what we're focusing on in 2019, even though the last update, Android 9 Pie, remains gradually rolling out into smartphones following its launch last August. 

Android 10, as that's the next major numerical milestone for Google to leap to. When does Android Q come out?  Which features will be added?  What mobiles can download Android?  Can Android Q also be known as Android 10?   

At this time, we are mostly answering these queries through historical data and escapes, and we are going to know more tangible facts as Google IO 2019 approaches.

Android Q Release Date

Google has not announced when Android Q will come out.  It hasn't even acknowledged that another OS version will be known as Android Q -- but given each version's progression to the next letter from the alphabet, Android Q is a pretty safe bet. 

If Android 9 Pie's announcement window is anything to go by, we could see Google formally announce Android Q in early March -- and possibly, for example, last year's launch, watch an alpha build released to developers on the same day.   

The full Android Q name can happen in early August. As to when you can get Android Q in your smartphone, well. .that needs even more divination.  Google will probably launch Android 10 in mid-August 2019, but going by historical OS update timings, it will probably only be available on Google Pixel phones.   

The roll out to other Android mobiles will occur throughout 2019 as well as into 2020 as many manufacturers add their own characteristics and interfaces into the operating system.  There is a possibility you'll have to wait weeks after the initial Android Q release before you see that the OS update on your device.

Android Q features

Google IO 2019 will likely conduct host to a deep dive into Android Q features.  However, we might have a heads-up on what features to expect from Google's mobile functioning update thanks to escapes.

System-wide dark mode

The first big escape, and also our first real look at Android Q, is by the site XDA Developers.  They supposedly got a hold of a January 2019 construct of their new OS and showed off what could be coming. Chief one of them is an all-system dim manner. 

Toggle it on in Display Preferences, and the main interface, Settings, and Files will turn a dark grey.  Other elements like the Volume panel, Rapid Settings and Notifications turn black to appear from the darker background.  Developers will also get a choice which appears to force apps without dark manners to switch to the nighttime-friendly color scheme.

More permissions

Users are able to look at a wide overview of which apps they have given consent for certain things -- like, say, location or mic access.  There is a search function that lets you filter by permission item, allowing you to quickly see which apps you have given access to your own camera, contacts, place and so on.

You can also look at permissions each app was allowed and toggle them separately to set whether accessibility is off, on, or just on while the app is available.

Developer tools

There are plenty of new developer tools described from the XDA escape, but it is not clear how many of them will operate.  Freeform windows come back, which permits you to empower them later pressing and holding a program icon in the overview of the recent program. 

On the flip side, XDA also found a feature called"Game Updates Package Preference" whose goal would be a bit of a mystery.  Another, titled"force desktop style," seems like it'd push Android into an external screen, Samsung DeX-style. Not all of the UI is finished, either, which makes some attributes -- like display recording -- not totally comprehensible.


There were a couple other added Android 10 odds and ends from this XDA leak, including a set of new accessibility settings. Both apply to how long telling messages stay up and seemingly apply to various sorts of notifications.   

The first is to get"messages that ask you to do it," while another seemingly refers to notifications that pop up with simple reminders.   

You can toggle those to stay up between 30 minutes and 2 minutes.  We have not seen much else, but given Google's precedent of announcing another version of Android in ancient in 2019we might see more leaks in the forthcoming weeks.
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