Tuesday, August 20, 2019

GPS is wreaking havoc on our brains! -

Mobile has radically changed a person's life. If you calculate how many items are included in the camera, radio, TV, movie, clock, hotel menu, reservation, then the list is long. You name it, everything is in mobile. If anything, the man immediately grabs the mobile. Mobile has made our lives much easier. A five by five screen exposes the whole world in front of us. Now there is nothing to worry about. Anything you want to know can be known by bursting. The disadvantages of mobile are playing out one after another. One thing is, because of mobile, people do not suffer a lot of brain damage. People's memory is declining. Earlier everyone's phone numbers were live. Now it has become a situation that we have to remember our own number. The whole world of entertainment has gone hand in hand.

All in all, if there is one and very important importer is GPS. If we want to go to someone's house, we burst out and tell them, by sending the location. Thus, although there is no longer a period of printed invitations, the cards and rings of some programs still keep coming. It also has the scanning code of the address. Keep the screen of the mobile by turning the camera on so the road will open. Not just brainwashing. Also tell where to turn. AccuLi is a very good service, but it has made it fun to remember routes.

In ancient times, many people claimed that we should never forget the way we once went. Even if you go years later, find out. Everyone has their own tricks to remember the ways. Remembering a shop, remembering a building, a tree, or some other place in mind. After all attempts, if anyone does not get the address, one has to ask, where did this brother come from? Complete the story! However, GPS has now put an end to all problems. How does the use of navigation change our minds? Amir Hoyon Javadi, a neuroscientist at the University of Kent in Britain, has done a research on it. It mapped the road finder's brain with and without GPS. After his study, he said that when we use GPS to find a way, some part of our brain gets switched off. There is a part of our brain called the hippocampus. This part of the brain acts as a memory and navigation. At the same time, the prefrontal cortex helps us move forward and make decisions. People who used GPS had this part of their brain shut down. Without GPS, this part of his brain became active. The study was then conducted on taxi drivers in London. This too was true. Thus, we all experience this. When GPS is on, we stop running our brain and follow GPS only. They don't even care what goes on around the roads. Thus, it is said that the fun of finding a destination is on the go. GPS has forgotten the desire to enjoy the road.
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