Monday, August 19, 2019

Post vibhag Last year Bharti Merit list

The large scale attractive post at National Scale Development Fund Trust in the Central Government is vacant. Application for the post of Fund Manager, Assistant Fund Manager, Manager (Accounts and Administration), Assistant Manager (Accounts and Administration), Executive Officer has been requested. The celebrity package is very attractive for these jobs in New Delhi. The post department has applied for the recruitment of various vacancies. The recruitment process of the post department is underway. A large number of candidates have also filled out forms from Junagadh city and district. After submitting the form, the post office has to pay the currency. A center has been set up in Junagadh district for payment of currency. Currency is being filled up at the Gandhigram Post Office. Candidates from all over the district are coming here. However, due to connectivity and server problems the currency is having difficulty filling. 

Candidates coming from the villages of the district are being hit. Even with standing in line from morning to evening, the evening currency does not fill up. As a result, there is anger among the candidates. It has also sought to open a currency center in other post offices as well.Two or two days do not pay the currencyThe Junagadh Gandhigram post office does not pay the currency for two days. Candidates arrive at 7pm. The office is open from 10am. Currency is having trouble filling.
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