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The world's first computer Charles Babbage Created in 1. The first mouse for the computer was Wood, made by Angelburst. Usually, a man gazes at it five times a minute, but the person sitting in front of the computer kills only seven minutes a minute. The longest typed word using a single line of the keyboard is 'TypeWriter'. Became the world's first harddisk 2 with a capacity of five MB. The price and cost of becoming one of the first harddisk of 1 GB was immense. Sounds strange but Sanskrit is considered to be the most ideal language for computer software. The first computer virus was a dead fly, today thousands of new virus software are being created every day. December 3 is celebrated as Computer Security Day and December 2nd is Computer Literacy Day. The first computer in India was brought to Kolkata at 3. The first computer made in India was 'Siddhartha'.
At Gujarat University, MBA-MSc runs more than 10 different Integrated Courses over five years including IT and Law, in which each course has different formats of three year UG and two year UG-PG as well as different credit marks.

Due to which difficulties arise, the University has now decided to convert all these integrated courses into one format and one structure. In which four years will be awarded UG Honors and fifth year will be PG.
For the last several years, the BK School of Management and KS School of Management have been running five years integrated course in Gujarat University for many years and in addition to these two courses including MBA Integrated and MSc IT Integrate, several by the University over the last two-three years. New integrated courses have been launched.
This year also three new integrated courses have been launched: MSc in Animation Tejam, MSc in Mobile Communication as well as courses including MSc in Actual Science, MSc in Data Science, MSc in Applied Geology.
A five-year Integrated Course is also implemented in the Law along with a five-year Integrated Course of Maritime Management this year. Karai gets a PG degree.
All but the degree format of each course is different as all the courses have different course-unit structure as well as the marking pattern and credit score pattern of each course are different.

In order to facilitate the four years of UGC Honors Degree Course which the UGC is going to bring in next time, the preliminary proposal has been prepared for the common format of the four year UG Degree and the PG Degree of the next one year in all these integrated courses.
 After completing four years in all these integrated courses, the student will be given UG Honors Degree and Exit Entry also means that if the student wants to leave the study after four years, he can leave and if completed, five years will be awarded one year PG degree.
The Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University said that all the integrated courses have different formats and different structures so we are currently considering putting all integrated courses in a common degree format and common credit marks-marking structure. General Chat Chat Lounge
It is important that all integrated courses are currently entered in different ways, but after the common format and common structure, all the integrated cornice common centralized admissions process can be done.
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