Thursday, October 17, 2019

Current Affairs of the Month in a Single PDF File : September 2019

In this way, the government ordered the launch of a school health program across the state under the name of Jawahar Bal Health Raksha on 14th November 2010. Jawahar Bal Health Protection (JBAR) will be the functional name Child Health Improvement Program (CHIP). The objectives of the program are as follows: Health examination of all children studying in the school by following the Student Health Record (SHR) Exodus DPT booster vaccine for all children aged 5 to 7 years and TT booster vaccine for children aged 10 to 15 Delivery drugs twice a year to all children and iron and folic acid tablets to children with vitamin A and D and anemia. Treatment of all ailments, including malnutrition, itching, pest infection, etc. 

To send children in need of secondary and tertiary care for the proper facilities for specialist inspection, proper diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Integration of health education, life-skills and practical lessons for disease prevention and development of health; And Integration of dietary education with health screening and health promotion for teachers and other school rights Jawahar Bal Health Protection will cover approximately 85,32,635 children studying in Government and Government-assisted 46,823 schools in the state. All children will be tested and their pre-existing diseases will be completed before the end of the current academic year, to finalize at the congregation and district levels. Detailed timetable is adhered to in real time. Pay comprises of PHC Medical Officer and Ophthalmic Officer. Each child's student health record (SHR) will be released after a detailed physical examination by the doctor. The Student Health Record is a comprehensive document that will be valid for a five-year period and will include details of all the health events in the student's life. Will be given to the student elder / student. A fixed priority will be given to all APVVP and Education Hospitals for the examination and treatment of students carrying SHR. Separate counters and registers will be established in all Government Hospitals for school children. De-warming of children and providing them with Vitamin-A and D, if any micro-diseases. If so, the diagnosis will be made through a doctor examining it.
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