Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Download a great fun book for Little children writing - Gujarati Paglu -1-2

Recently, intensive therapeutic education will be started in the month of July in all the primary schools in the state, including Bhavnagar in the Guntsav, which have poor results in reading, counting and writing, and teachers will have to spend one hour each morning and evening in these schools. Such remedial work will be done in B, C and D grade schools. However, only academic grades will be considered out of the results of Govt-5 in the remedial program. In all the schools having B, C or D grades in academic matters, the reading, computation and writing of children from grade 3 to grade 8 will be done by 11 to 12 reading and writing in the morning and counting from 3 to 4 in the afternoon which will be done by the class teacher of that standard. All schools receiving D grades in Academic Matters will have remedial work during the above period, besides all teachers in the schools should have one hour before school hours (9.30am to 10.30am) or one hour after school time (5-6pm). 
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Additional academic work will have to be done. At the same time, a graded school may also voluntarily join if it wishes to take remedial action. Students of Std-2 to Std-5 evaluated in Std. 5 in Std. From Std. Std. Std. Of Std. In Std. 7 and Std. 8, the remedial work based on reading, computation and writing will be done in the above times. It will include the textbook of Gujarati for reading and writing and the questions involving numerology and four mathematical operations. Primary schools in D grades will have to work one hour extra during the month Intensive supervision will be performed The intensive monitoring and supervision of the therapeutic program must be done. Every day the remedial work done by the teachers will have to be supervised by the school principal at the school level. The children will have to write, write and count for two hours every day.
The government has launched a campaign for reading, counting and writing to improve the results of poor students studying in government schools. In which study time has been compromised. As a result, teachers are getting angry. One teacher said the program called for an hour early. But the innocent teachers are being punished, not the guilty teachers, in the campaign. The government is also considering a presentation.

State education is deteriorating day by day. The state ranks low in education in the country. Then the government has launched a reading, counting and writing campaign in schools. In which government officials, ministers visit schools and question students. Then there has been fury among upper primary teachers about the campaign.

Concerning the campaign, one teacher asked why the government needed to read, write and compute. This problem would not have occurred if teachers in grades 1 through 5 had paid attention to teaching children.
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