Friday, October 25, 2019

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Millions of educated youths are outraged by the sudden shutdown of the non-secretarial
clerk and office assistant. A mob of angry candidates today reached the office of the Secondary Service Selection Board in Gandhinagar, the capital. The candidates staged a riot by calling the Chairman of the Secondary Service Selection Board. However, the police were called to the Karmayogi Kalyan Bhavan after seeing the candidates' outrage. 

The government has revised the academic eligibility overnight by canceling the examination of non-secretarial clerks and office assistants. Candidates reached the office of the Secondary Service Selection Board this morning. Outside the office, the candidates had staged a protest against the slogans of Asit Vora Hi Hai. 

My officers were watching inside the main door of the office of the Secondary Service Selection Board, watching the candidates fury. Eventually the police had to call. The police had allowed only five candidates to go to the office to explain the candidates. The candidates made a demand that, without canceling the educational qualification, take the exam and declare the new exam date within two days. There was a tone of candidates that the students had been preparing for the exam for the last two and a half years, which is the reason for canceling the examination at the last moment. Government decision has reduced the morale of millions. 

Question Paper of Exam
Will go The thing to note is that Asit Vora, the chairman of the Secondary Service Selection Board, was absent. In addition, the officials present were not ready to die. Sitting inside the office was silent and the candidates became more angry.
A total of 1.2 lakh candidates had filled the form for this examination. Then suddenly the Gujarat Secondary Services Selection Board canceled the exam. By canceling this examination, millions of candidates re-worked for one and a half years of hard work.
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