Saturday, October 5, 2019

TAT Junagadh khali jagyao nu list

Candidates in case of recruitment selection policy rules change
The educated degree holders have feared that candidates will be harmed if the selection rules of recruitment in the Granted Secondary and Higher Secondary School are changed.
According to the candidates, all Tat pass candidates have protested against the change being made in the recruitment selection by the board of the school governing body. They have created a corruption-free Gujarat by taking power from the governing boards to eliminate corruption. Nevertheless, governing bodies are seeking to introduce interview practices in the selection process for corruption. Therefore, it is urged not to heed their words. 

Hence, it is necessary to forward the views of the then Chief Minister Modi. The policy rules and practices of recruitment selection should not be changed. Because recruitment has not been done for a long time, and when recruitment is being planned, efforts are being made by the school governing body to recruit the old system accordingly. Tat pass candidates are trying to become a dissident. Grants of the state are recruited by the government from 1 to 7 in the school. As per the policy rules which are in force at the time, the admission to the state-granted secondary and higher secondary is also given in the state. Candidates are expressing outrage. 
In this case, a single high court judge ordered the applicants to intercede and stay on the proceedings of the government. It was challenged by the state government and submitted that due to the interim order, the new rule could not recruit the head teachers and the administrative work was stopped. Taking into account such appearances and all the circumstances that the High Court had earlier ordered to dismiss the teachers' petitions, the bench of the Chief Justice rejected the government's appeal, dismissing the single judge's order as erroneous.
Ahmedabad: High Court Chief Justice R. Subhas Reddy and Justice V.M. The bench of Pancholi has ruled out the interim relief granted by the single judge. It was challenged in the High Court by a group of teachers, with the state government announcing new rules for the appointment of head teachers.
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