Friday, November 29, 2019

Saurashtra University Ph.D.Praposal Notification Declare 2019

It is mandatory to declare the results within 45 days after the
examination of Saurashtra University but unfortunately the results are not declared by the university even 90 days after the examination. The slogans were posted on the university campus by student activists demanding that timely results be declared on a daily basis, with the presentation of the students experiencing great difficulty.The various issues presented by the students' council in writing to Saurashtra University office-bearers in Rajkot today said that the results of B.Com Semester 1 B Semester 1 BA Semester 3 and M.Com External Semester 3 have not been announced till date. Submissions were made on this topic even 5 days ago but no response has been made so far.

As in the second B.Com Semester 3, 28 per cent of the poor results have been announced. Similarly, the results of BA Semester 3 have been announced at only 5%. Students who passed last year. They have received less than 10 marks this time, judging many students. It was also presented that these students should be allowed to re-evaluate in three subjects instead of one.Student activists further said that the university does not announce the results of any single exam in a timely manner. All the exam results are late. On the other hand, if the student is late in filling the examination form, a penalty is levied from him. Similarly, the student who passes the examination in reassessment should not be given the money to return his application form.

The university should make immediate decisions on both of these issues. Complaining against the Director of Examination, the students said that till now various presentations have been made to the Director of Examination. So they have resigned. Avoid answering the question by saying so. In this case, there is no acceleration in the test performance. It was also suggested that this should be done in the matter
All this is happening to celebrity stories. If anything happens to celebrities, the whole country and the world take notice of it, even those who are out of frustration are present. The common man has to deal with his frustration alone. We still avoid getting advice or treatment from a psychiatrist. Don't talk to anyone openly, I'm not joking at all or I'm afraid of that. Success also sometimes leads to frustration that a human does not know. What if my name and honor are not there? What if people turned away from me as crazy today? Is this honor and gesture if it goes away? It is difficult to say where and how depression will come.

There are a variety of ways to overcome frustration. Psychiatrists check out a person's personality and suggest ways to get them out of depression. It's not necessary to have major frustrations every time. Some frustrations are also temporary. Sometimes it seems like there is no fun anywhere. I don't mind talking to anyone. Sometimes there is no fun even if there is no pain. At times, there is the fear that something bad is about to happen. Fears of fantasy surround us. Women are experiencing more hormonal changes than men. Ladies have to be more mentally healthy. Try to avoid being cautious as a weak idea first comes. If it's not too much fun, take a small break. Do something you like. Remember one thing, the last breath of life holds the potential for success. Believe in yourself that good is going to happen. Promise yourself that under no circumstances will I be weak or weak. Our friends, relatives or psychiatrists help us in times of depression, but finally we have to get out of this situation. The stronger the man, the faster he can get out of depression.
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