Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Call letter for Junior Clark Examination taken by Agriculture University

Indore's Botan Technomak Pvt. On behalf of the channel partner,
one of his associates was agitated by sending a notice against six, including the chancellor, for alleged wrongdoing in his tender and also threatened to file a criminal offense if the proper reply was not sent by the lawyer.The Dantiwada Agricultural University has been complaining of misconduct for some time by putting rules and regulations on the campus for the purpose of buying or recruiting deputy engineers and other miscreants, including the vice-chancellor, or building the campus. In this connection, some university-related contractors have appealed to Gandhinagar and appealed to all the investigators.
The Dantiwada University authorities are responding to some inquiries against the information seekers and they are also giving answers in order to escape. Recently, Botan Technomak Pvt. This company appealed to Gandhiji Nagar for information about Lokayukta by the company coming out throughout the chapter as the furniture company was cheating on him in the tender process at Dantiwada University.

The Chancellor, Director of Research, Director, Accounting, Registrar, Principal, Dean, CP, a Palanpur lawyer, alleged that the authorities of this University intentionally provided incomplete information. The Agriculture University and the Deputy Engineer Executive Engineer Dantiwada Krishi Vidyalaya were all agitated in the wake of the malpractices. The topic of the investigation, though, is being discussed as some authorities in the university have set up millions of properties.
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