Sunday, December 8, 2019

GPSC Exam Calender year 2019-20

Over 100 Assistant Professors have been appointed in Government
colleges of Gujarat Appointments were pending in case of High Court: Vacation tanks in colleges appointed teachers in various subjects Govt gives orders to pass candidates in GPSC Ahmedabad, Thursday The government has finally appointed more than 4 Assistant Professors in Government Colleges of Gujarat. More than 5 candidates were selected in the result announced after the GPSC examination for the appointment of Assistant Professors in four colleges including Accountancy, Sanskrit and Hindi in the Government colleges including Faculty of Arts and Commerce. Contract-based professors filed petitions against the government in the High Court and appointments were pending. 
The central government has recently issued appointment orders with the approval of the Election Commission. The advance government has also appointed principals in various government colleges. However, the appointment of Assistant Professors has been made while the colleges are currently on vacation.
n this way, the government ordered the launch of a school health program across the state under the name of Jawahar Bal Health Raksha on 14th November 2010. Jawahar Bal Health Protection (JBAR) will be the functional name Child Health Improvement Program (CHIP). The objectives of the program are as follows: Health examination of all children studying in the school by following the Student Health Record (SHR) Exodus DPT booster vaccine for all children aged 5 to 7 years and TT booster vaccine for children aged 10 to 15 Delivery drugs twice a year to all children and iron and folic acid tablets to children with vitamin A and D and anemia. Treatment of all ailments, including malnutrition, itching, pest infection, etc.

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