Saturday, December 14, 2019

UGC NET Exam December 2019 Provisional Answer key & Question Paper

Gujarat government implemented education across the state through a series of programs aimed at reducing the percentage of dropout of school education, reduction of drop out of school education, education of the education department and continuing education of the education department of the state government with the high goal of education for all.
Sectors like Kanya education, infrastructure, health and hygiene campaigns have been the driving force behind continuous education, literacy and awareness in education. Under the socio-economic - education, the state government has covered multiple education dimensions, with the aim of development of primary education, literacy education, technical education, medical education.

Concentrations have been focused on the use of investments for integrated and unorganized programs of education and for its objectives and development activities in the education sector. Global level elementary education covering children between the ages of 6 and 8 years. Establishing a goal through special planning for it, completing the female and male literacy percentage of 3 percent in the year 1 has been a priority.
Under the 'Education for All' program, approximately 6 teachers trained, arranged work notes 
Ph.d.for their students for all grades four through seven, arranged additional study classes for students in grades two, three, four and five, in Gujarat and mathematics. Special arrangement has been set up in 5,3 schools in the state to increase the percentage from 1%

Under economic importance such as the 'Vidyalakshmi Bond' scheme was implemented by the state government so that the student and his family could be dependent on education. The primary objective of the Ph.d.state government is to ensure the well-being of the students of the school. For this, the State Government has taken initiative in Gujarat under the Cooperation of the World Health Organization (WHO UNICEF UNESCO) and the World Bank's Health Development Scheme for School Students.

Computer education compulsory with primary education The State Government has taken initiative. As an acknowledgment of the technical approach, the State Government has provided computer education to 
Ph.d.approximately 5,3,700 students in government schools under the Computer Training Program. Rural areas have been made available to meet the goals of education with continuous power supply and communication technology.

The State Government as approved SCOPs for English language skills for Gujarati. Introduced the program. A language-laboratory program for linguistic skills has been Ph.d.introduced for interested schools in which efforts are being made to improve language skills through vocabulary, vocabulary, punctuation, identification. Whereby the student is prepared with the confidence to cultivate mastery in the English language.
The Education Department of the State Government has implemented 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan' (National Program) and other sponsored programs in the districts 
Ph.d.only by the Gujarat Council of Elementary Education (GCEE) and other various programs in the primary education and distance to primary education. (DPEP)
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