Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A book giving information on the culture and history of Gujarat

With a mixed response of some hesitation and embarrassment, the competent said “Yes, why not! "Sit down from the need" The girl explained the full topic by asking the competent subject who did not understand herself in between and able but confidently answered. Gradually this sequence became routine. Was the brightest student studying in the third year of competent MBBS. Always answering all the questions asked in his class. All the students present in the class were surprised to hear the answer. The name of the competent was the first in each of the college and university exams. A capable, straightforward boy with a gentle and instinctive nature, he was fearless even though he was the first of every test, and he was always ready to help others. 

For this reason the number of girls born on competent was also high. In all these girls, Shikha had some special feeling for the competent and, having taken the initiative herself, reached the library with the competent and made it a daily routine to sit in the library with her. Gradually his visits to the library began to grow. He did not know when their relationship turned into love. The able and the noble were gleeful in their intimate love of each other and in their fun. Suddenly a call came in at around 9pm on the mobile of the able one who was reading in the library. 

Just take the call and tell the person in front of it with a serious posture "Yes, I come." And he left without saying anything to the disciple reading to him. Sumer was able to come back at 11pm. Although there were a thousand questions in the mind of the Sikh, he avoided asking them for reasons that he did not think was wrong. A few days later, at 11pm, a call came in the same way. With the same serious posture he called in the call, "Yes, I'm coming."
 And the squeeze went away. Shikha waited in the library. About 2 o'clock in the night, the competent came back and began to sit and read the thousand questions on the face of the Sikh as if nothing had happened. Some days such calls would come and go, and sometimes I would not return to the library overnight. In the mind of the Sikh, now the Sanghi began to grow. “Where will the capable go? Maybe in love with another girl capable? No, no, my ability does not do so, do I believe in being able? Then why does he not say anything to me? "The battle of ideas revived in the mind of the Sikh. At intervals of a few days, then at 10 o'clock in the night, the call came and was able to leave. At this time, even the learned Sikh began to follow the competent in such a way that the competent did not know.

 Looking at it from afar, the competent trauma and emergency department's Sister In Charge was assisting an elderly grandfather who had just been admitted there. After a few minutes, he took the x-ray to the x-ray room to support the elderly grandfather. The Sikh approached the Sister in Charge at speed and inquisitively asked “Is this the grandfather of a competent? What happened to them? " "Yes, this is the grandfather of a competent and some of such capable grandfathers and grandmothers," Sister in Charge said with a slight laugh. "I mean?" The nobleman raised eyebrows and asked again.
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