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Free Book of Law and Constitution for the preparation of Police Constable Exam

The Home Department is a very important and very sensitive department in all the Secretariat departments. The main functions of this section include effective maintenance of law and order throughout the state and safeguarding the internal security of the people of the state. A brief history of the home department
o From the State of Mumbai on 1st / 3rd / 3rd, Gujarat came into being as an independent state.
o In 7 the operations of the Department of Transport from the Department of Home Affairs were transferred to ports and fisheries.
o In 7 the operations of the Department of Transport from the Department of Ports and Fisheries were transferred to the Home Department.
o In the year 1, the function of the Secretariat Entrance Booth Control and Passport was transferred from the General Administration Department to the Home Department.
o In August 1, the activities of the Department of Sport, Youth Cultural Activities and Drugs and Excise were transferred to the Home Department.
o The function of the Secretariat Admission Control Booth was transferred to the General Administration Department in March-March.
o In September, the operations of the Department of the Interior's Department of Transportation were transferred to the Ports and Transport Department.
Home Department Hon. Chief Minister Vijaybhai R. The silver is in possession.
Mr. Pradeep Singh Jadeja is in charge of the state level Home Minister.
Mrs. Sangita Singh, IAS, is the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department.
Shri Brajesh Kumar Jha, IPS, Secretary (Home).

Main function of the Home Department
Maintenance of law and order.
Maintenance of internal security
Criminal Investigation, Investigation and Prosecution.
State security
 Topics assigned to the Department of the Interior

૧. Public Order:
In the Constitution of India, the subject of maintenance of law and order is included in the 'State List'. Accordingly, in the maintenance of law and order, activities related to strikes, agitation, elections, fasting, group clashes etc. are carried out by this branch. Instructions are given to the concerned police officers through the Director General of Police and Chief Police Officer, State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar and Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence), State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar for taking necessary steps to prevent such requests or incidents coming to fruition.

Instructions on how to arrange for these rallies do not happen during political rallies, rallies held by farmers, students, Director General of Police and Chief Police Officer, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar and Director General of Additional Police (Intelligence), Gujarat State. Through Gandhinagar, necessary instructions are given to the concerned police officers.

R All types of crimes in the state: -
Various crimes committed in the state, such as murder, robbery, burglary, injury, kidnapping, are reviewed in detail. And how it is dealt with is discussed at a high level meeting. And the necessary steps are taken to suppress it.
૩. Intelligence: -

 Gujarat is a frontier state because of the law and order and movement of terrorist elements.
The head of this division is the officer-in-charge of the Director General, the main function of the Intelligence Branch is as follows.
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