Sunday, February 23, 2020

Maths NCERT Standard 7 New Textbook Guide PDF Copy

The Gujarat State School Textbook Board provides free textbooks
to all Government, Government and non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools of the state. Schools are starting in Gujarat from 10th June, but students have not yet received such free textbooks. Every year, after the vacation is opened, books are given for the past several years. Is not Students who have passed standard nine and got admission in standard 10 and declared result of standard 10 SSC who got admission in commerce arts and science stream in standard 11 and those who passed standard 11 commerce arts and science stream. 

All textbooks have to be provided. However till now only textbooks of Gujarati medium have been made available to schools through the school development complex.While Hindi medium English medium Marathi Urdu Tamil Urdu Sindhi textbooks of other languages ​​have not yet been reached in the school development complex so that students of the medium are having difficulty getting books. And especially those students who have got admission in Class 9 and passed Class 11 and have passed Class 11, they have forgotten the purpose of free textbooks launched by the state government for the noble purpose after purchasing books available from the market. When a month after the students buy from outside, the scheme of free will be given to the schools through the school development complex.

Why are books not made available to schools by the School Textbook Board before vacation? Only when children are given out after the purchase, government money is misused and the parents also have to give away the second book after purchase. In fact, all the books of all classes of mediums are being approached by the school development complex. So that students can be distributed to schools starting June 10th. The textbook is a presentation by the Board of Secondary Education to the immediate release of free textbooks to the students.
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