Saturday, February 22, 2020

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The Prime Minister's Skills Development Scheme is committed to increasing the technical knowledge and employment of the youth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new employable training scheme called PMKVY, the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme, for the government's decision to increase the employment in technical. The government will provide training to provide technical knowledge first and then give employment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces the scheme and aims to employ 24 lakh new youth in the country. Any unemployed can apply to take advantage of the Skill Development Plan. The scheme will provide assistance to the unemployed from 10th to graduate, while work is currently underway to educate the educated youth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme to tackle the problem of unemployment. The scheme aims to develop the skills of the youth as per the demand of the industry. Young people are given training that will help them get a job faster. However, the question arises whether the government has decided to set up a training provider in the country. The government authorizes any individual, NGO, agency or company for training. Its process is very simple. Let's know what the process is and how you need to apply it.
What is the government is working on different training modules under the Scheme Development Scheme? To provide vocational training, the National Skill Development Corporation will open a Model Training Center called Prime Minister Skill Center in every district of the country. Apart from this, the SCD Wise Council has been created by the NCDC. The council also appoints a training provider
Funding is also provided by the government. If you want to open a training center as a partner of the government, but you do not have the money, about 75% of the total project cost is provided by the NSDC as a loan. When up to 85% of the loan is given to the non profit center
What are the conditions? If you want to start a training center then you have to follow the conditions set by the government. You will have to arrange class rooms according to the students taking the training. On average, a student must manage about 10 square feet of space. How much space should there be for a Job Roll Wise classroom and lab?
How to Apply
If you want to become a training provider or you want to open a training center then you have to register your online in a smart portal under the Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme. The training provider will have to deposit Rs. 10,000 at the time of registration. When training center you have to pay Rs. 12 thousand and Rs. 1000 per job roll fee. Click here for full information on the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme

These benefits will come from the Skill Development Plan
The Central Government will work to provide employment in every sector through the institutions.
Under the scheme, training is provided by the Central Government in various fields.
Different computer technical knowledge of skill development plan will be encouraged.
Certificate will be issued after completion of training under the Skill Development Plan.
Under this scheme, each trainee will get up to Rs. 8,000 through Monetary Reward Government.
Apply does so for the unemployed
The central government has released a list of authorized centers in the country to take advantage of the Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme. The benefit of the scheme has also been opened centers in remote rural areas of the country.

The unemployed from the list of these centers can go to the official training center and select the course according to their wish. After completing the training, the certificate will be entitled to receive and be motivated for employment under the scheme.
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