Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Social science Module PDF File (Std.6)

Education Board today A timetable of the examinations of 5 and 8 has been declared and the five March examinations have been declared. Then the speculation of the date came to an end as the entire program came to an end.The third phase of the term along with the late fee is to be completed to fill the board's application forms. Then the date of the Board Examination has been fixed on March 7 and a formal program has been announced. Wherein the std. In a session ranging from 1 to 5 for 3 First language on 7, Ta. Science on 3, Ta. Mathematics on 3rd, Ta. On 7th, Social Sciences, Ta. Gujarati Bilingual on 6th, Ta. English Bilingual on 3rd, Ta. A second language paper will be taken on the 5th. So stand up. There are two sessions of 5 to 8 and 5 in 2 and 3 to 5 respectively. 

The fundamentals of co-operation panchayat and nama on 3, Ta. History and Statistics on 3rd, Ta. Agriculture, Home Life and Philosophy on 3rd. In the second session on 7th, Economics, Ta. Secretarial Practice, Commercial Practices and Geography on 7th, Social Sciences and Business Practices on 3rd, Ta. In the second session on 6, Psychology, Ta. Music and first language on 7, Ta. In the second session, Hindi, Second, Ta. In the second session on 2nd, Gujarati, English Second, Ta. Drawing and Computer Talks on 5th. In the second session of 2, Sanskrit ta. It is learned that the state class and sociological examination will be held on 7th.Two different classes of students are studying in one classroom of one of the committee's schools due to the aggressive administration of the town primary education committee, which has a budget of Rs 600 crore.

Due to the shortage of teachers, the teachers of the school are studying two different wards in the same classroom with two black wards. Due to such studies, the condition of the students is becoming confusing.

Surat Muni A budget of Rs 600 crore has been allocated for the administration of the managed town primary education committee, but due to the lack of planning and administration, the education level of the students of the education committee is deteriorating. Kamrunagar's Hindi School No. 320 is running like a wonder in the world.
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