Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Computer Basic Theory + Up to 250 One Liner Questions to Ask in the Exam

For the time being it has been said, our time is ours! True, but do we ever think, how much do we use our time for ourselves? How much do we think we enjoy? A job is nothing but a return to our
time. We sell our time. Everyone has their own beliefs about time consuming. Each appraisal also values ​​time abuse. An unlucky man wastes an hour. It's gone. Then the guy said, I'm sorry, he wasted an hour. Hearing this, his friend said, "Don't waste your time regretting it." We are wasting more time regretting what went wrong. Some relationships also happen when we feel broken, that I wasted a precious time with her! However, do not regret it! Life also has to decide what to toss and what to forget!

This is a story of a young man. It was only after making money. His friend once said, You don't give your people time! Hearing this, the young man said, "You know, for the time being it is said, time is money." I have understood this in different ways. I give my money to my people instead of my time. He is happy with my money and I do not give him my time! Why spend time where you know the rupee? One brother lived abroad. There was an occasion in the country. I was thinking of going to the event or not! He calculated how many days would go, how much work would be wasted. It happened that I should send him a rupee rather than go. The occasion will be missed! He sent the money and said sorry! The young man laughed and said that sending money has finally helped me!

We must go where our presence is noted. How the world, too, keeps track of our absence, but does not care about our presence! Understanding where to go and where not to go is also essential for life. If someone is changing our way, we should definitely go. If there's no turning around, there's nothing wrong with not going there. A young man called his friend. What are you doing? His friend said, nothing. Just sitting. The friend said, "If sitting, let's go there first?" The friend refused. I am sitting, free, but I enjoy sitting. I do not want to come! I don't enjoy it there. Sometimes we get trapped somewhere, after we go, it seems like we have been wrong. It makes sense to get out of there immediately. When wasted time is wasted, why waste more?

Many people waste time with others so they have time. Such Navara people also come into our lives. One has to be careful of such people. Such people are killing our time. In the matter of time, it is important to say 'no'. Together, we too should cherish our time. When someone gives us time, we should be so understanding that he has made time for us. A person who does not know how to respect time is a victim of disrespect. If you want to have a good life, learn to recognize and enjoy time, because life itself is made up of time. We have to maintain the dignity of our time. If you do not understand the pride of your time, then people will not respect your time. Don't care about the time for those who are close to your heart. It should also be helpful to identify people who change over time. Use time wisely, life is lost in wrong ways if you do not use time. Life is meant to be lived and that is to use time wisely. It is worthwhile to use the time wherever you feel like living.
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