Friday, March 27, 2020

Current affairs 8 to 14 March 2020 by ICE

This is a story of a girl. Completed college. It was selected for the job in the campus interview. She did her job with integrity and integrity. His boss was a strange brain. He was always looking for a
chance to knock it down, for whatever reason. There was a WhatsApp group from the office club. It used to be talk of work. If a girl writes anything, her boss responds badly to her. You do not understand anything! Sometimes they even use words like flowers or idiots! The girl doesn't answer anything bad. Sorry or write down that I care more.Eventually the girl got a new job. He had to quit his job in a few days. Even if he had to leave, his boss would write about it in the group. 

After reading all this, the girl's colleague once told her, "Now you have to go." Now why do you listen to it? Answer it by shrugging it off. If you have a mind, you can give it two or two periods! He is not going to spoil you anymore. Listening to Clig, the girl said, "No, my parents didn't teach me that!" Being lightweight means we won't be light!

The girl shared an experience with her father. We were traveling on a train with the family. A man was sitting badly in the seat in front of us. Only by looking at it does it know that this is a bad guy. One time he deliberately hit his leg with my daddy and then he quarreled on his own. You don't feel like sitting. Does it make sense? He was speaking. My daddy called him sorry. Took their feet up At one point I had even thought that my daddy was cowardly. No listening though. This thing was blowing in my mind. After we arrived at the station, I told Daddy, why did you tolerate it? You needed to fight!

Daddy, listening to me, said, son, if we are a man at the lowest level, he will not go down! We maintain our pride. Where do we have any long association with it? At some point in life, too, such people wander. We are not meant to be like that, we are meant to be! It is not a matter of defeat, no matter who is weak or who is not powerful; This is what Daddy's saying has helped me deal with this boss. It's been a few days now. Jobs will be changed, so they have to be exempt from the same page. So far I have not given up my grace so why lose my pride in going now?

We often get the idea of ​​showing it after someone's behavior. There is also a class like that. We hear in many people's words that we are good with good, but with bad it comes to me like that! This is not difficult to do. At worst we have to be good if we are good. One of the girls' inlaws was of a strange brain. I wanna talk. The relative once told the young woman, "You show it too!" The young lady said, "Yes, I will show it, but my nephew!" I have my nephew. My nobility is very dear to me. I don't want to lose it.

There is a lot of difference between sitting down and moving deliberately. A person is silent when he is not able to speak, and the silence that is being spoken when he is able to speak is the true understanding. One recent incident is the Divorce. One spouse was divorcing. The girl was tortured by her husband and father-in-law. The families of the two met for the last time. One of the wife's relatives told her, "You should book, whatever comes to mind." There was nothing left. Don't get this opportunity again. When the girl came to speak, she said, "Our food is probably enough." Now when I am separated, there is no bitterness in my mind. I apologize if I have made a mistake. I also want to forget who was involved in what happened. Wish you all a happy life. When you hear this, it may even be thought that this is not possible. There is no need to be so good. The truth is, not all can be so good, but there are people in the world who just give up. Most of the time we do not release anyone, but we are free from many prejudices.
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