Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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One brother offered an offer to five of his friends to go on holiday this Diwali. He said that during Diwali holidays I have to take you to a hill station for four days. Everything I pay for.
My bus is the only condition. You do not have to bring your mobile with you! The brother waits for a friend's reply. By the way, if your friend offers you this, do you go with it or not? Do an experiment before placing a yes, how long can you stay away from your mobile?We are so accustomed to mobile, that we cannot even imagine a life without mobile. Why should we even imagine such a thing? 
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Mobile is a very useful thing anyway. In a way, the work of a mobile is like nothing else. It comes with your help in any task. The question is, how much do we use mobiles when we need help or someone's contact, and how long are we sitting on mobile without work? Nowadays, one gets to hear that one is so busy that there is no time for himself or his family! Well, if that happens to you, then check once, how much time do you give mobile? The time a man spends on mobile gives his person so much of their relationship issues will be solved. Now there have been numerous apps that keep track of time spent on mobile. Once tried, how much time does your phone lose?

Digital detox is the currency of America these days. Many people are now experimenting with digital detoxification. We do detoxification to remove the toxins that are in our body. The method of naturopathy we have there is detoxification itself. What about digital toxins that remove toxins from the body but also destroy the mind and brain? There is a digital detox for that. Well what to do with it? It's so easy. To voluntarily set aside some time, this time I will not touch the mobile. After an hour or two, increase the time. There are many people in the United States who turn off their mobile phones completely on holiday. We keep on the phone all day long on holidays.
Due to mobile, man is starting to move away from nature. In nature we do not enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. That's right, mobiles are causing people to suffer from mental illness. All people live in Angusite. Keeps looking at the phone for a few minutes. Waking up in the morning is the first thing mobile viewing does. Do you turn off mobile data at night? Many people have data round the clock. When waking up in the morning, there are several good morning messages on WhatsApp. One is like working. After you check the message every morning, think so, which of these messages is really important to me? Most likely not one!

Four things are important in a person's life. Family, Friends, Health and Work. In these four things, mobile should not come anywhere. One expert says that a man should do three parts 24 hours a day. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of free time. Free means doing what we love. Keep mobile, also socializing, but decide on a time. One study says that the effectiveness of people who use mobile constantly decreases. For those who do creative work, the brain needs to be a little more free. Man has become so busy with mobile that he has no time to even think about anything quietly. Mobile is what keeps our brain occupied. Even after work, people keep checking every five to ten minutes or nothing message?
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