Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Students of Class 1 thi 9 ane 11 will be passed without exams

Employees-officers are retiring in large numbers due to the age
limit in the government office, but these vacancies are not filled and the following employees are getting angry at the employees who are not being promoted. In Bhavnagar municipality, few officers and employees are retiring every year but the following employees are not promoted and new recruits are also not done. At this vacancy, the employee is charged with trespassing, which is a serious matter.

In Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation, 5 officers are retiring due to age limit in this year, in which officer VP Gohil retired last June, when the date of tomorrow. On July 7, Chief Auditor Jesing Mer and Acting Engineer DM Pandya will retire. RG Shukla, executive engineer in the Solid Waste Management Department, will retire next September. Chetan Vyas, the officer in charge of the fire department, will be retired next October, and MV Rathod, who is in charge of the deputy commissioner next December.

In addition, sources say that some officers are retiring in 2020 next year. While some officials have resigned but have not been approved and some officers seem to be performing duty at the station, however, the Commissioner should take appropriate action in the interest of the employees in the municipality. In addition, new recruits are becoming necessary at some places. While experienced staff is retiring, there is talk of awareness among the concerned citizens that immediate action should be taken so that the functioning of the office is likely to be affected.Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation has been moving to increase the vehicle tax and the Tax Collection Department has sent a proposal to the Standing Committee to revise the vehicle tax right, while it has been proposed that the electric vehicle be completely demolished. If the increase in vehicle tax will increase the burden on the drivers, then the Standing Committee and the General Assembly will approve. It has been waiting.

The tax collection department of the municipality has recently proposed to the Standing Committee to revoke the vehicle tax rights and give the electric vehicle a complete lien. Currently municipal corporation has to collect lifetime vehicle tax as per the resolution of 2012-13, which is different from vehicle tax including scooter, bike, auto rickshaw, loading rickshaw, motorcar. Lifetime taxes are charged from 1.0 percent to 1.5 percent of the vehicle's show room price.In addition, 1.50 percent to 2.00 percent of the base price is being recovered. The proposal sent to the Standing Committee by the Tax Collection Department has been slightly increased in most vehicle taxes. An electric vehicle has been proposed to provide complete impediment to the cause of pollution control.

When the proposal is made in the Standing Committee, does the Standing Committee approve the Right Revise of Vehicle Tax? It remains to be seen. If approved in the standings, the proposal will come to the General Assembly. If the General Assembly approves, new vehicle taxes appear to be applicable from the New Year.What will the Standing Committee decide when the vehicle tax will increase and the burden on the drivers will be increased? It is currently awaited. Right now, there has been a rage among the drivers following the proposal of the Right to Own tax.
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